Goosie Cards Personalized Flashcards [+ Giveaway]

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Recently we were contacted by Goosie Cards, a company that specializes in personalized flashcards for children, about doing a giveaway on our site. When I clicked over and saw what a cute product it is, I wished I would have known about Goosie Cards when my girls were in their first year!

The first thing that came to my mind was how much I would have loved to make a set of flashcards of our entire family with pictures and names. Cards like Nana, Papa, Oma and Opa with the grandparent’s pictures on them.  Because to a grandparent, there is nothing more exciting than when their grandbaby babbles their name for the first time.  And what a great way to teach them! Keep reading below for a Goosie Cards coupon code and to enter to win your own set!


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