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Labels for Kids Stuff

This post on labels for kids stuff was inspired by some great feedback we received on Tiny Oranges’ Facebook page.  And by the way, if any of the labels in the graphic above caught your eye, you can find them here on one of our cute affiliate sites, Mabel’s Labels. Aren’t those butterfly shoe stickers so cute?

The inspiration for this post came from comment from a 1st grade teacher, explaining how important it was to label all of your kid’s belongings at school.

She explained so many parents take special care in handpicking their kiddos special new (and sometimes pricey!) lunch bags, sweatshirts, hair accessories, etc.  Because without your kid’s name on them, they can end up in the black abyss of lost and found, donated, or in someone else’s closet.

So we put it out there to our readers on Facebook to ask which labels for kids stuff they use and love, here are the companies they suggested:

(affiliate link ->) Mabel’s Labels  

Label Daddy 

Name Bubbles 

Kiddo Tags 

Oliver’s Labels

Stuck on You 

Please note, I have not personally used any of these products myself.  I’m in the same boat as you!  Looking for fun, practical and quality new products that will make life easier!  I’m excited to check out these companies, as recommended by our readers.

We hope your first month of school went well, and that your kiddos are adjusting.  I know my family is still getting used to earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings.  Cheers to a GREAT school year with your kids!

Feel free to share any other great labeling tips below! 

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