Our Experience Sleeping on an iComfort Mattress

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Whether you are a regular reader of mine who might not be in the market for a new mattress (yet) or if you landed on this post looking for iComfort mattress reviews, I hope you find the firsthand information based off of our personal experience helpful. Because at some point, we all need a new mattress, and it is one of the most important purchases you will make because of the impact it can have on your sleep quality.

iComfort Mattress Reviews

Disclosure: I am a Serta brand ambassador and am compensated for my time and participation in the program and have received complimentary products to facilitate first hand reviews. All opinions are 100% my own. 

You know the saying, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone?” Well, when talking about mattresses, I like to say, “You don’t know how poorly you slept until you sleep well.

Brief background on my experience with Serta mattresses.  I joined Serta in 2011 as a brand ambassador when they first launched the iComfort Sleep System by Serta back in 2011 and had the opportunity to select an iComfort mattress.

My husband and I selected the iComfort Prodigy model and slept on it (beautifully) for 2 1/2 years. You can read some of my past iComfort mattress reviews here. Going from an old mattress to an iComfort was life changing. We never slept better. Consistently.

The New iComfort 

Then this year, Serta launched new and improved models of their iComfort mattresses, and we were asked to select a new mattress to facilitate new reviews.

I was a little worried because of my mattress attachment to our 2011 iComfort, but I thought, if I know Serta by now, they are bound to have come out with something even better.  I didn’t know if that was possible.

But they did.

The new iComfort models feature even more advancements in sleep comfort including their Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam.

Now I won’t get too technical, but what that means, is the new iComfort memory foam technology has been created to make the most comfortable, supportive mattress that reduces heat build up so the memory foam does not sleep hot.

iComfort Prodigy Review 2014

When my husband and I went mattress shopping, we went in with an open mind. You can read about how we shopped with Serta’s Rest Test app here.

We tested a bunch of the iComfort models, and came back home to the Prodigy model.

For us the Prodigy is a perfect mix of not too plush and not too firm, it really is “just right.”

What we have found is what we have known to be true of the iComfort for years now – the quality of sleep you will get on an iComfort is unparalleled.

Namely, we notice the following benefits from our iComfort Prodigy mattress:

1. Less tossing and turning.

One of the biggest benefits of a memory foam mattress is the fact that it absorbs movement, which means, when your partner rolls over, you don’t go with them.  Because of this, I notice a drastic decrease in the frequency of wakings I have during the night and many nights I will go to sleep and sleep the entire night through.  Before sleeping on a memory foam mattress, this was rare for me.

I wake up on my own feeling refreshed. It’s awesome.

2. Just, OH SO COMFY!

Snuggling in our iComfort Prodigy makes me so happy.  Not joking, every night when I assume my “go to sleep position” I relish in how comfy our bed is.  Many times I will even say to myself in my head, “I love my bed!!!” 100% truth. I can’t even count how many times I have said that sentence. I really, really love my bed.

3. It’s NOT hot!

Now for us in So Cal, we had a VERY hot fall season this year. Unseasonably hot. Our bed continually slept cool throughout a very warm season.

4. No more aches and pains. 

My husband had chronic back aches when he slept on our old innerspring mattress we had prior to getting our iComfort. Every morning he would wake up and have to stretch out his back because he would feel so sore.

His back aches went away when he slept on the iComfort and he is reminded of what a difference his iComfort makes anytime he goes to a hotel and sleeps on a mattress that is not supportive.

Questions? Please Ask! 

I have been working closely with Serta for over 3 years and am happy to answer any questions you might have about selecting a new Serta mattress or any questions specifically about the iComfort.  You can leave a comment on this post or email me at jennifer at tinyoranges.com.

It’s important for me to say that all my opinions are my authentic, genuine ones. I rave to my family and friends about the iComfort too – and I think of my readers as friends.  Thank you for reading! Happy mattress shopping!

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