Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

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On a recent trip to our local library I asked the librarian if she had any favorite books for an almost five year old and she pulled out “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” as one of her top picks.

I can’t tell you how many times I read it to her over the course of the two weeks, but it was a lot!  It had both my daughter and I cracking up, and the more I heard her giggle and laugh out loud, the more it made me laugh.

There is just something hysterical about a pigeon pleading to drive a bus, and my daughter answering each persuading question or argument with an emphatic, “nooooooo!”

I thought we were probably the last to discover this series until I asked two of my closest friends if they had it(assuming they did) and they both said no, which told me I have to blog about this find!

This book would make a great gift idea for either a boy or girl.  Looks like I have to buy this book for my daughter for her birthday next month as we are sad we had to take our friend Pigeon back to the library.

Upon further investigation, it appears as if the Pigeon is up to other adventures, see all the books by the author Mo Willems here.

Since I am ALWAYS on the hunt for great children’s books, what are your favorite laugh out loud books?

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Change is Strange

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My 3 year 3 month “baby” is starting preschool on Monday.  I can’t believe it!   One of my girlfriends got Emma this Change is Strange book for her birthday called “My First Day of School.”   It has been a big help in preparing her for the big day!

The book follows Charlie (a fun, whimsical alienlike creature) as she gets ready for her first day of school.  Since Charlie is an alien, you can make “it” a boy or a girl!   In our house, Charlie is a girl.  It answers all her questions and addresses her apprehensions about starting school in a fun (yet still informative) way!  

I went to the website and found more great books on situations of change…new baby, moving, letting go of the pacifier, etc.  You can even personalize the books with the child’s name!

Change is strange for this mom too.  I even have some butterflies about her starting school!    I hope that the transition goes fairly smoothly.  However,  I am prepared for some push back and tears.   Maybe she will surprise me.  She has done so before! 

If anyone has any tips on making a smooth transition into preschool, please comment below.  I am taking any and all advice I can from you mommies that have done this before!

Have a great weekend everyone!   For those of you with kids that started school this week – I hope it went well and you are finding your back-to-school groove!  See you Monday (wish us luck on the big day!)  xo Jen

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