Strawberries & Cream Homemade Popsicles

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On a nostalgic whim at Ralphs the other day I picked up a little homemade popsicle maker for $1 and went home and made the easiest/tastiest strawberries & cream homemade popsicles~

I mixed together:

about 1 cup vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt (or your favorite flavor)

about 1/4 cup strawberry preserves (or your favorite fruit preserves)

(amounts will vary for your size popsicle form)

I put the mixture in the popsicle maker & in our freezer.  For my girls the waiting was the hardest part but the anticipation was just a thrill!

When it came time to eat several hours later – all four of us thoroughly enjoyed this tasty (relatively) healthy treat!

Best $1 I’ve spent in a long time.

Happy Popsicling to ya!


Your Sus Chef

PS- my $1 popsicle maker was not as cool as the one photographed, but still did the trick!

(Photo by the incredible Kristin Eldridge)

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DIY Valentine Ideas from Kristin Eldridge

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If anyone is looking for fun DIY Valentine Ideas, here is a cute how to from Kristin Eldridge of Kristin Eldridge Photography

Nothing says love like handmade. 

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I get excited about making little tokens of affection.

Sometimes, it’s baking for friends and or sweet written notes, but when it comes to the children, I love using their photos for handmade valentines.

This year, pixie sticks were the sweet treat, adorned with a photo and a little flag.  It’s a no-fuss project they are thrilled to hand out to all their friends!

Step one:  If you own photoshop, take a photo of your child and use the elliptical marquee tool to draw a circle around their face.  Then right click and choose ‘select inverse.’  Delete the outside of the circle and use the move tool to move to a blank page.  Move as many of these circles to your blank page as you need, then print the page.  I printed on regular old card stock.

Step two:  Cut out the circles.  I chose to leave a white space around the circle because it was easier to cut in a nice rounded line.  If you do not own photoshop, print out 4x6s of your child and use a circle template (found at craft stores) to trace around the child’s face.  Then simply cut around the line.

Step three:  Using a glue stick, attach the circle to the top of the pixie stick.

Step four:  Attach a little flag to the pixie stick.  I chose to print out strips that said the child’s name, but you could achieve an equally cute result by gluing a little strip of ribbon around.  Or tie a bow!  The possibilities are endless!

If you’re inspired to get crafty, check out another Valentine’s Day DIY from last year which resulted in this sweet treat…

SO cute! Thank you Kristin!  Happy crafting mamas!

Kristin Eldridge is a mommy of 3 and the talent behind the lens of Kristin Eldridge Photography and a Tiny Oranges friend and partner for many years ! Love you AND your ideas Kristin! xo  

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Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours!

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Merry! Merry! 

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your families a beautiful holiday. I hope it is filled with love, laughter, fun memories and the magic that children bring to the celebration.

I wanted to also thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a reader and friend of Tiny Oranges.

I couldn’t do it without you. I honestly mean that.  My readers are what keep this blog chugging along.

Thank for for taking time out of your busy lives to make us a part of yours. SMOOCH!

I also wanted to send a special thank you to my amazing Tiny Oranges partner, Susanne.

She joined me this past August and has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

She has given me new inspiration, motivation and continues to awe me with her ability to find the coolest, greatest companies to share with you. Plus, to know her is to love her.

And a most special thank you to my incredible sponsors. The companies on our site truly are the best and brightest family-friendly companies OC has to offer.

They also all happen to be incredibly nice, genuine people to work with. I am so blessed!

I am going to take next week off from posting to hang out and enjoy some time with my family. Mama needs a little Winter Break too! If I can get to a New Year’s Resolution post on Friday, I will, otherwise, you can definitely count on my return on Monday, January 2nd, 2012 and a whole new YEAR of juicy finds!

May your holiday be merry and bright.  And may all your Christmases be….orange!

[Holiday card design from And the family photo was taken by the amazingly talented Kristin Eldridge. I can’t believe she got all four of us smiling at one time, especially with a two-year-old. It was a small Christmas miracle. Both are Tiny Oranges partners.]

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How to Dress Your Family for Your Holiday Card Photo by Kristin Eldridge

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I know it might seem early, but if you like to hire a professional photographer to take your holiday card photo, now is the time to book your session as they get booked up fast and the holidays will be here before we know it.  One of my absolute favorite OC family photographers, Kristin Eldridge (who is taking our family photo on Sunday!) wrote us a guest post on something I always struggle with – WHAT DO WE WEAR?! Planning the family ensemble for a photo can be confusing. Here are tips Kristin wrote on how to dress your family for your holiday photo card so that most importantly, you all look like YOU!

How to Dress Your Family for Your Holiday Card Photo
by Kristin Eldridge of Kristin Eldridge Photography

“So, you’ve secured a date with your favorite photographer. The location is set and all of a sudden you wonder WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR!?!

Before the panic settles in, break it down. You don’t have to go on a major shopping spree or dress everyone in white t-shirts and jeans.

Follow this simple formula to create a thoughtful look for your photos without looking too matchy-matchy.

First, choose two main colors.

In the example above, I chose red and blue. Each member of the family will wear something with either blue, red or a neutral. Black, gray, white, khaki, denim…those all qualify as neutrals.

Second, add accessories. Here’s where it breaks away from the matchy-matchy. Instead of buying every red and blue piece Gymboree sells, try to use pieces you already own and tie in the look with belts, hair accessories or trims.

Don’t be afraid of prints…they can help to liven up a photo!

Most importantly, wear things that look like YOU. A photo is documented forever, so you want to look back and remember the life you lived in 2011. Wearing something too formal or too casual will just make you feel like you weren’t your true self. And when you feel good, you look good!”

To look at Kristin’s amazing work and get more information, you can visit her website or blog. Kristin also has a few OC mini holiday sessions coming up (but they book fast!) You can call (562)980-6480 or email to book your session!

[Disclosure: Kristin Eldridge is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor]

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