Lovely Paper Craft Parties

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I love a great party idea which is why I am so excited to share with you a local OC company called Lovely Paper which offers craft parties at your location in Orange County or LA!

Owned by Patricia Aguilar, an artist and teacher who married her two passions, Lovely Paper is a company that celebrates teaching people to unleash their creativity through whimsical crafts.

Parties by Lovely Paper

Do your children LOVE doing crafts? I know my oldest daughter could spend hours working on art projects, so I can only imagine the fun she would have at a one of these parties!

Parties by Lovely Paper are geared towards ages 7 – 12, but she can do younger if your child is old enough to sit and craft OR even for adults! Think how fun it would be to have a craft party for a baby shower or moms’ night out!

Lovely Paper will come to your event and put on a fun craft party which includes:

* 2 hours of crafting with 5 crafts per participant. Parties are $250 for up to 10 participants, each additional is + $20. Mention Tiny Oranges and book your party before June 1st, 2012 and you will receive 20% OFF – Yippee!!!

* All supplies, drop cloth for the floor, table and tablecloth if needed, and a small treat bag for each of the participants.

You can choose from one of her three most popular themes:

Princess for a Day

This girly-girl sparkly craft party includes bejeweled crowns, fairy wands, castle photo cards, paper jewelry charm bracelets, and a wish box for the party celebrant.

Whimsical Wonderland

This bright colorful craft party includes masks, paper flowers, flower photo frames, paper weave bracelets and a wish box for the party celebrant.

Funky Diva 

This superstar craft party includes an animal print jewelry box, a jewel and animal print paper mirror, an “autographed” photo card, a paper purse with bejeweled ribbon handle and a wish box for the party celebrant.

Or maybe you have your own theme in mind?  Lovely Paper will work with you to create a customized craft party with crafts to fit your theme. Prices will vary due to supplies, call them for a consultation.

And, for extra convenience, for an additional cost Lovely Paper will provide light snacks, appetizers, paper cups, paper plates, and napkins in matching theme colors. Click HERE for more details.

You can also visit and their online retail shop that includes wonderful products by independent designers and click here to follow Lovely Paper on Facebook.

[Disclosure: Lovely Paper is a Tiny Oranges sponsor. Check out their darling ad in the right column!]

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I Met Ryan Seacrest [Coca-Cola American Idol Event]

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Last week I had a totally surreal experience when I was invited by Coca-Cola to attend an American Idol Finalists party in LA to learn more about their “Make Tonight a Family Night” best music cover artwork contest on

The contest is all about bringing families together, showcasing your creativity and how your family ROCKS!  You can personalize your cover with all sorts of fun graphics and easy-to-use icons, backgrounds, fonts and accessories.

The winner that designs the best music cover wins a trip for 4 to the American Idol Finale Show!

Just make sure to submit your designs before March 13th and you might be taking your family to see the finale this year! Click HERE  and get to work designing yours!

Now let me tell you a little about the party…

Susanne and I headed up there last Thursday night and didn’t quite know what to expect. But, when we walked into the tented party, we both looked at each other in disbelief because we had no idea we would actually be a part of the American Idol party! 

I hyperventilated with excitement a little (not gonna lie) because I am an American Idol fanatic.

I have watched every single season from auditions to finale and still remember when Kelly Clarkson sang “Respect” on Season One and I called it right then and there that she would be the winner. Love you, Kelly.

The mom bloggers got their own media area compliments of Coca-Cola to preview the music cover contest and make our own. So much fun, mamas!  Your kids will love doing this with you!

So there we were having a great time mingling and making our own music covers when all of a sudden there was this hushed excitement as everyone gasped at who had walked in.

That would be RYAN SEACREST.

I met Ryan Seacrest. And immediately transformed from a 37-year-old mom into a giggly 13-year-old girl as you can see in the video above.

[Photo credit: Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Coca-Cola]

Unbeknownst to me, Susanne was videotaping our whole interaction trying to be inconspicuous while still chatting at the same time. I still can’t believe she pulled that off! 

Check her out in the picture above nonchalantly holding the video camera. So funny.

The best part about meeting Ryan Seacrest you might ask? He was a SUPER nice guy.

Very charming, personable and surprisingly easy to talk to. It is so refreshing when a star of that magnitude is actually better in real life than you would have expected!

I got to stand next to him and put my arm around him for a picture! You guys, I was just dying!

[Photo credit: Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Coca-Cola]

As if that was not enough, the mom bloggers were then escorted onto the blue press carpet and able to pose for a picture with the 13 American Idol Finalists and the next thing I know I am standing right next to Elise Testone who is one of my absolute FAVORITES!  She is in the hat below, I am to her left.

She is crazy talented. I just love her. She started chatting with me and again, was just so NICE and we were sort of both laughing together agreeing “this is wild!”

[Photo credit: Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Coca-Cola]

I also got to video the contestants talking to the press and spot my mom crush, Phillip Phillips. Is he a cutie or what?

It was the MOST incredible night EVER! Quite a departure from my normal Thursday night!

A huge thanks and big hugs to Coca-Cola for such a memorable evening. One of the highlights of my blogging career thus far for sure!

And if you are not watching American Idol this year, WATCH!!! The finalists are AMAZING! One of the best seasons I can remember. Check it out on FOX Wednesday and Thursday nights. I know I will and remember with fond memories the time Ryan Seacrest shared with the Tiny Oranges’ gals!

[Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event compliments of Coca-Cola but this is not a compensated post or video. Susanne and I received access to the party as well as a yummy dinner and dessert bar that was to-die-for. And oh yes, the opportunity to meet Ryan Seacrest and the finalists!! Thank you Coca-Cola!!! We love you!]

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