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When I met Colleen, the editor of JustAskBoo Orange Co, my first question was “What is JustAskBoo??” as just the name in itself immediately piques ones interest!

JustAskBoo is a weekly email Newsletter full of interesting questions that “JABBERS” want to know.

Questions that usually start with “Does anyone know a good…?” Because really, doesn’t someone always know someone?

It’s completely free to join, and any JABBER can submit a question to be included and any JABBER can respond directly via email with a referral or advice.

A few months back I was going to look into laser hair removal, so I emailed Colleen to see if she could post a “Does anyone know a good laser hair removal place in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach?” question in the next weekly Newsletter.

From the Newsletter, I got several referrals, some of which were for the same place near me, which made me feel great knowing that multiple people had positive experiences there.

I thought it was especially helpful to pose a question like this to the JABBERS who are mostly all women because this was not the sort of question that I would want to put out there on facebook.

Like do I really want a random high school guy that is a facebook friend of mine knowing I am looking into laser hair removal?! NO!

On the flip side, it’s also fun to chime in with your own recommendation. I  know for me, when I LOVE a company, there is nothing I like more than referring them to someone else!

It is definitely worth signing up to check it out!  You can click here and click the blue bubble to “JOIN the Grapevine.”  Then you can look forward to the weekly Newsletter where you can exchange personal recommendations, seek advice, post announcements, promote special events, sell personal items, and even advertise your business.

And just in case you were wondering, the company was started in 2008 by a woman in Miami named Boo Zamek, who found herself connecting friends with each other. Yes, there is a REAL Boo!

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