We are on Oprah.com. Pinch me.

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I have mad love for Oprah.

She’s the person I always select when asked “If you could sit next to anybody¬†(living or dead) at a dinner party, who would it be?”

When her talk show ended, I cried.

So when I received an email from a food editor at Oprah.com about collaborating on a meal prep tip feature, I lost it a little.

Tiny Oranges had a chance to be on Oprah.com?!

It was a full circle moment mamas.

Immediately I got on the phone with Susanne, and after sharing some squeals, she put together a list of brilliant meal prep tips she cooked up in her talented culinary mind.

And friends, Susanne’s tips are published¬†right here on Oprah.com!!!!! Please click over and celebrate our moment in the Oprah sun with us.


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