We are on Oprah.com. Pinch me.

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I have mad love for Oprah.

She’s the person I always select when asked “If you could sit next to anybody (living or dead) at a dinner party, who would it be?”

When her talk show ended, I cried.

So when I received an email from a food editor at Oprah.com about collaborating on a meal prep tip feature, I lost it a little.

Tiny Oranges had a chance to be on Oprah.com?!

It was a full circle moment mamas.

Immediately I got on the phone with Susanne, and after sharing some squeals, she put together a list of brilliant meal prep tips she cooked up in her talented culinary mind.

And friends, Susanne’s tips are published right here on Oprah.com!!!!! Please click over and celebrate our moment in the Oprah sun with us.


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