Our Serta Mattress Selection for our Kids

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A few weeks back I did a post on how to choose the right mattress for your child. As it turns out, there is a lot to think about when making a new mattress purchase for your little one!  Especially if you want to invest in a quality one to last throughout childhood.

Recently, we went through the process of selecting new Serta mattresses for review for both of our daughters, ages 3 and 6, as result of my participation in the Serta blogger program for 2012, which included complimentary mattresses to help facilitate firsthand reviews.  My girls have NO idea just how lucky they are. No idea.

But I do! My husband and I have been sleeping on the dreamy Serta iComfort Sleep System for a year now and it is the best night’s sleep I have ever had. We also received a complimentary mattress from Serta as part of the 2011 blogger program. Again, LUCKY us!

Since choosing a new mattress can be a confusing process, I wanted to walk you through how we came to our decision on which mattress was right for our little ones.

The first thing we had to consider was what size?

Seeing that we were going to be receiving high quality mattresses, the type of mattress that could last them until they went off to college, perhaps longer, we had to think long term.

For Emma (6 years old), we decided it was time to move her room to our guest room, which was the largest of the sleeping room options. It seemed silly to have the largest room be the one that was least utilized.

Given the fact that she would have more room, we wanted to go with the biggest size that seemed reasonable in the space, which was a Queen. I figured that even if she doest’t take her Queen bed to college, we could always move a Queen size to a guest room down the road.

For Morgan (3 years old), we had more space constraints.  Now that Emma was moving rooms, I wanted to move her to Emma’s old room, but it a rather small space.

But again, seeing that we were receiving high quality mattresses, I didn’t want to opt for a Twin, one that she would end up outgrowing, so we went with the Full. For me, having a GREAT bed that will last a long time took priority.  Now we would just have to do some creative space planning in her new room.

I am really happy we went with the Full, as we now have the flexibility to have both girls sleep in Morgan’s bed, and offer Emma’s Queen along with our other guest room Queen when having multiple house guests like at Thanksgiving with my husband’s whole family comes to visit.

With the sizes selected, we were now off to find the right one!

We took our girls to a local Sit N’ Sleep to try the Serta mattresses out themselves. I might be aging myself, but does anyone remember the children’s book Corduroy?  That cute little bear who finds himself wandering the department store at night amazed at the sea of mattresses? I used to love that book. And after seeing the sparkle in my girls eyes looking at all the beds it reminded me of that!  It was their very own Corduroy moment!

The Serta Mattress selector online suggested the innerspring Perfect Sleeper line for children, so we were definitely interested in having our girls test out the Perfect Sleepers, which is the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

I also wanted to look at the Serta iSeries line, which is an innerspring / memory foam hybrid mattress. Now that my husband and I are sleeping on the iComfort memory foam mattress, having experienced the benefits, especially the reduction of tossing and turning, I am a big memory foam fan. And since the girls were used to sleeping on an innerspring mattress, I thought the combination of the two might be a nice choice.

Furthermore, the Serta Cool Action gel memory foam is made with an open-cell structure which is less likely to trap dust and other allergens.  My oldest has a dust allergy, so I thought this might be helpful.

Important to note: Serta does not make claims regarding their memory foam and dust allergies. The most important thing when dealing with dust allergies is the use of the right bedding and mattress protectors, but still, I figured the iSeries might be a good choice given her sensitivity.

But in the end, I really wanted them to decide on the mattress that felt best to their little bodies. So, the rest test began with Serta sheep plushies in hand…

My then two-year-old was no help in the mattress selection, she was still too young and it was a big game to her to bounce from bed to bed.

But my six-year-old knew EXACTLY the mattress that was “coziest” to her. I sort of expected her to say they were all comfortable (which they were) but she truly had one specific model that was the clear choice, the iSeries Merit.

Doesn’t it just look dreamy??

And after my husband and I laid on it, we could see WHY.

It is soooooooooo comfortable!  Soft, and plush, but also really supportive. 

I was somewhat surprised she chose a partial memory foam selection, but after thinking about it, both of our girls spend quite a bit of snuggle time in our iComfort bed, so I think there was something about the iSeries that felt familiar and comforting to them.

The iSeries Merit was the clear winner ~ a choice we were thrilled with!

After the first night sleeping in their new beds, it must have been a pretty big difference to Emma.  Her previous twin mattress was probably the cheapest mattress that could have come with the daybed we bought at the time, and her daybed was a bed I used in our guest room years before she was even born, so I never initially intended for it to turn into her real bed.

When she walked out the first morning after sleeping on her new bed, when I asked how she slept, she said,

“Mom! It’s like a magic bed!  I don’t have to put myself to sleep, it puts ME to sleep!”   

You can’t make stuff like that up ~ my husband looked at me and said, “you won’t get better blog material than that!” She LOVES her new bed.

Morgan went from the crib mattress to her new Full mattress and big girl bed, and transitioned beautifully.  Although she is too young to really tell me how she slept, she often will snuggle into her bed and shout, “cozy!!”

My girls have always been good sleepers as far as sleeping through the night, so I can’t claim that the mattress made them sleep longer or better, but I have to believe that their quality of sleep has improved, because for me personally I noticed a big difference in my quality of sleep once sleeping on our Serta.

Most importantly, it makes me feel so good knowing that my girls are sleeping on a QUALITY mattress. One that is ultra-supportive for their growing bodies.

However, there is one problem.

When putting my youngest down for nap, her bed is so comfortable I have been known to fall asleep on more than one occasion.

Just last weekend, my husband was curious as to why it could take more than 45 minutes to put her down for a nap. My disheveled “just woke up” look probably answered the question when I finally walked out!

If you are in the market to shop for a new mattress for your child, please make sure to check out my first post with some tips and suggestions on how to choose the best mattress for your little one.  You can also go into any Serta retailer and have them test out the beds themselves, which is what I found was the most important part of all!

But the new mattresses also presented another problem: musical rooms. Emma was moving to the guest room, guest room was moving to Morgan’s room, and Morgan was moving to Emma’s room.

I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of re-doing three rooms at once. So I called my friend Shanna from www.myfavoriteeverything.com, an interior designer now getting more back into the business to ask for her help and design expertise.  Basically I gave her our budget and let her do her thang.

Project “Extreme Bedroom Makeover” had begun.

As it turns out, this “problem” turned out to be the BEST thing that could ever happen because we re-did rooms that we have been wanting to for a long time.

And you guys will not BELIEVE what she did to our rooms. They are something out of a magazine.

I am so excited to share I can almost scream. Stay tuned…

[Disclosure: I received our Serta mattresses complimentary as a result of my participation in the blogger program for 2012. And our iComfort as a part of my participation in the 2011 program. My family is so incredibly grateful for this opportunity as we have never slept better and it is a brand I believe in. Opinions are 100% my own, of course!]

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An iComfort Mattress Review ~ One Year Later

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Serta changed my life.  I am not being dramatic. It’s the honest truth. In 2011 I was selected to be a part of a program for bloggers which included a complimentary mattress for review, and it has truly changed my life.

I am sure you must be asking yourself, “how on earth could a mattress company change her life, right!?!?” But, please let me explain.

It has now been a little over a year since my husband and I have been sleeping on our iComfort Prodigy mattress so I thought it would be fitting to do an iComfort update because when I look back, it has truly made an remarkable difference in our lives.

For those of you who weren’t following my blog last year when I originally did my iComfort mattress series, you can click here to read about their unique (FABULOUS) memory foam, here for my original review and here for my review of the motion perfect adjustable base.

I love my mattress so much that I feel the need to tell anyone that will listen about how amazing this bed is.  In fact, I happened to be walking in the mattress section of Macy’s Home Store the other day, and noticed a man looking at the iComfort mattresses talking to the sales guy. I overheard him asking how they were, and I couldn’t help myself, so I walked over, apologized for interrupting, but said, “This mattress is LIFE CHANGING!!” And again, let me disclose we were provided our mattress for free, but I mean EVERY single word.

I thought the sales guy might hug me. Or he might have thought I was a little crazy, but I couldn’t help myself because it’s the truth!

And here is WHY it is so AMAZING...

Before I slept on our iComfort mattress, on average, I would remember waking up at least one, if not two times a night. And often, I would have a problem going back to sleep right away. In the morning, I would typically wake up still feeling tired, even if I had gotten 8 hours of sleep. But looking back, it was 8 interrupted hours due to the tossing and turning.

Now, when sleeping on our iComfort mattress, 90% of the time, I go to sleep and do not wake up until it’s morning. Yes, I will sleep for a solid stretch of  an average of 8 hours. And it is AWESOME!!!! I now wake up earlier on my own, like 6:15am or so, and even have a nice hour to myself before the kids wake up. Even better, when I wake up, I feel rested and ready to start the day.

I fully attribute the fact that I am getting this solid, quality sleep to the iComfort Cool Action Memory Foam, which isolates movement. When my husband rolls over or gets up earlier or goes to bed later, his movement doesn’t wake me up. This has been the number one reason I think this bed is so incredible.

When you wake up night after night of quality sleep, it begins to affect other areas of your life. I exercise more, I am healthier and overall I have more energy. And all of these things work together to make for a better well being. Now I am not saying that the mattress talks to me and encourages me to exercise, but because I wake up early in the morning not feeling tired, I have more energy to get my workouts in.

I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of sleep (quality sleep) to your health and well being.

My husband has also noticed a BIG difference. On our old mattress, most mornings he would wake up with an achy back. His back pain completely went away when we got our iComfort. He loves the bed so much that when we ever sleep away from our home, he will always mention how he can’t wait to get back home to our bed. And I feel the same way. It is the BEST BED EVER.  Again, let me disclose, we were provided a mattress for review by Serta complimentary.

Before getting this mattress, I would probably have not have even considered a memory foam mattress. I had heard they could sleep hot, were rock hard, and I don’t know, and it seemed a little foreign to me after sleeping on an innerspring mattress for my whole life.

But the iComfort is NOT hot, thanks to the Cool Action Gel in the memory foam, and our model is plush, yet also super supportive, far from being rock hard. After sleeping on our iComfort Prodigy for the year, I can safely say, I will never sleep on another type of bed again, and I am a Serta memory foam fan for life.

If you are in the market for or need a new mattress, I can’t more highly recommend you find a store by you and go and test them out for yourself. And if I happen to see you in the store, don’t be surprised if I come over and tell you myself just how much I love this bed.

Serta also offers a 120-day in home trial, where you can sleep on your new mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, and if you are for any reason not satisfied within 120 days, you can exchange or return it (policies set by local retailer, ask your store for details.)

And don’t even get me STARTED on the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base.  That is a whole other post on it’s own. Stay tuned.

We were blessed beyond words to receive this mattress complimentary from Serta as a result of my involvement in their Blogger program last year when the iComfort mattresses first came out, but knowing what I know now, if my husband and I would have had to purchase a new mattress, I would have saved our pennies until we could afford to buy it ourself. It is worth every single dollar.  It’s that good.

So, when Serta contacted me again about working with them for their 2012 program, I almost jumped through my screen yelling, “YES!” Because when I love something this much, it is my absolute joy to be able to share it with the world.

Nighty night friends, thanks for listening to my Serta iComfort love affair!


[Disclosure: I was a participant of the Serta Blogger Program last year and received my iComfort mattresses compliments of Serta. For the program for 2012 I will also be receiving additional products for our household for review. All opinions are my 100% honest ones, as always!]


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Serta iComfort FREE Boxspring Event!

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By now you are all probably well aware of my love affair with my iComfort bed and Motion Perfect Adjustable Base.

Seeing that I love it so very much, I had to do one final reminder that one lucky reader (will it be you?) has the chance to win their own iComfort bed in my biggest giveaway EVER going on now through 09/06/11 so there are just a few days left!

Click HERE for details on how to enter.

Seriously you guys, it takes two seconds and someone has to win, it might as well be you! And If you do, you will have the best night’s sleep of your life on this incredible memory foam bed night after sweet night…

And there has never been a better time to buy a new iComfort Sleep System by Serta because for a limited time (going on now through I believe 9/12/11) with the purchase of a new iComfort, you will receive a FREE Standard Boxspring OR  save $400 on the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base at participating retailers.

Want to find a local retailer near you? Click on over here!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!  I can’t believe my daughter starts kindergarten on Tuesday. Wow.  I am sure many of you are in the same back-to-school mode. Wishing you a wonderful last weekend of summer and peaceful transition next week into the new school year.

[Disclosure: I received a free iComfort® Prodigy bed and Motion Perfect Adjustable Base compliments of Serta and they paid for my travel costs, hotel, one spa treatment and meals to attend the iComfort Blogger Experience.  Serta will also provide me with a stipend for tax purposes. The opinions and reviews here are my own and have not been changed or altered by anyone else.]

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iComfort Sleep System by Serta Giveaway!

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Guess what? Today is Tiny Oranges’ birthday! That’s right, we turn 3 years old today! Being that it is a special occasion, and in honor of our * NEW look * we are celebrating with our biggest giveaway EVER! Are you ready? One lucky reader will have the chance to win their own DREAMY iComfort® Sleep System by Serta. Yes, a new mattress and base for a whole new sleep experience! Giving one of you the chance to win this bed makes for a VERY happy birthday indeed!

I have been blogging about this revolutionary bed for months. I have never slept better and never felt better. It is LIFE CHANGING and that is not an exaggeration!

In case you missed my previous posts on this incredible sleep system, take a moment to read up and see what might be in store for you if you win this giveaway:

* Here is a Memory Foam 101 post on what memory foam is and how  Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam is the BEST ever (in my very well-rested opinion!)

* Review of my iComfort® Prodigy mattress and my top 5 reasons why I love my mattress so very, very much.

* Review of my Motion Perfect Adjustable base and how it is the best thing that happened to me since DVR. I have never been so comfortable lounging in my bed. It’s almost a problem.

Do you want a chance to win this bed and have the best night’s sleep of YOUR life??

The oh-so-generous Serta is giving one LUCKY winner their choice of  one of the four iComfort® mattresses (in their desired size) in addition to their choice of  base
(standard OR Motion Perfect Adjustable!!)

Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of this prize,  the iComfort® QUEEN mattress sets can range from $1299 – $5899.  So, the winner of this giveaway will be one very ecstatic (and well-rested) person!

How to Enter This Sweepstakes!

Basic Entry

1. Simply leave a comment below on this post by 5:00PM PST on Tuesday, 09/06/11 for one entry. You can tell me why you would love this bed, why you would love to sleep better, which model you would pick, anything! Just leave any comment!

Please make sure to leave your email address in all your comments so I have a way to contact you if you are the winner (email won’t be published.)

Optional Entries (there are 7 total entries possible)

More entries = more chances to win!

Please LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT for each entry option to ensure they are counted:

2. Subscribe to our Tiny Oranges emails (underneath header at top of page next to “Don’t Miss a Post!”), confirm subscription, then comment to let me know you are a subscriber (or tell me if you already receive our emails.)

3. {Like} SertaMattress on Facebook (then comment to tell us you did or already do) By the way, Serta is running fun giveaways and special promotions ALL the time so it is great to stay up-to-date on their Facebook page!

4. {Like} Tiny Oranges on Facebook (then comment to tell us you did or already do)

5. Follow @SertaMattresses on Twitter (then comment to tell us you did or already do)

6. Follow @TinyOrangesOC on Twitter (then comment to tell us you did or already do)

7. Tweet:

Enter to win an #iComfort Sleep System from @SertaMattresses and @TinyOrangesOC! http://ow.ly/65vl3 #spon

…then comment with a link to your tweet. Only one tweet comment permitted. Additional tweets appreciated if you would like, but please just leave one comment for this tweet entry option.


This sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents only; age 18 years and older.

Winner will be chosen by a random draw of comments below after 5:00pm PST on 09/06/11 and winner will be notified via email that same day.  If winner does not respond by 5:00 PM PST on 09/08/11, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn.

The winner is responsible for reporting the prize to the Internal Revenue Service and will need to complete a prize validation and pay applicable taxes on the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the sweepstakes prize.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your particular bed.  For information about paying sweepstakes taxes, visit the IRS website or consult with your tax professional.

Please note this sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

{Disclosure: I received a free iComfort Prodigy bed and Motion Perfect Adjustable Base from Serta and I will also be receiving a stipend for tax purposes. Serta also paid for my travel, hotel and miscellaneous other expenses when I visited their headquarters in Chicago for the iComfort Blogger Experience in May. This is not a compensated post and all my opinions and words are my own and have not been suggested, changed or altered by anyone. I LOVE MY BED and I scream it from the rooftops and tell anyone who will listen!}

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I Love My Bed: A Serta iComfort Mattress Review

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Every night when I nestle in to go to sleep in myiComfort® bed which was provided by Serta complimentary as part the 2011 blogger program, I say to myself,  “I LOVE MY BED.”   And now that I have had over two months of restful night’s sleep on my new mattress I feel like enough time has passed to share all my insights in this {100% honest} Serta iComfort® Mattress review.

Bottom line, I have never in my life slept better than I do on this memory foam mattress.  If you don’t know what memory foam is or what makes it different, click here to read the post I did on the difference between a memory foam mattress and what makes Serta’s specific iComfort® memory foam mattress so unique.

After thoroughly testing out the four different models, we selected the king-sized Prodigy model with the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base. And we just love it, so very much.  I tend to get wordy when I am passionate about something, so in this review I am going to try to be succinct and summarize the main points on WHY!

I am sure some of you might be reading and thinking, “Good for you, I am happy you love your bed so much, but what does that have to do with ME?”   Funny you might ask, because coming soon I have a Tiny Oranges giveaway of an iComfort® Sleep System of the WINNER’S CHOICE so YOU might have the chance to sleep on this dreamy bed too! Make sure to subscribe to my blog via RSS or email so you don’t miss my biggest giveaway EVER!

My 5 Top Reasons Why I Love My iComfort® Memory Foam Mattress So Much
{and why you should enter my upcoming giveaway to try to win one!}

1. Lack of motion. I have slept on an innerspring mattresses my entire life.  Every time my husband would roll over before (or vice versa) we would wake up each other up often because the motion would ripple or bounce the bed. With memory foam, it isolates the movement, so one person can “PLOP” down on one side or do a “dramatic toss and turn” and the person on the other side barely feels more than a slight movement. It’s INCREDIBLE. What this has meant is that I wake up WAY less during the night and I have experienced more nights where I will sleep the entire night through without waking than I ever have in my entire life.  In the morning, I wake up more refreshed and well rested. Rested mama = happy mama. Life changing. [Disclosure: Our mattress was provided complimentary for review.]

2. Support. We chose the plushest of the four iComfort® models so it is very cozy but yet still incredibly supportive. I didn’t realize before how sunken my old mattress was. My new iComfort® is nice and firm and my body just feels better overall when waking up.  At the Serta presentation, one of the representatives said, and I quote, “Comfort is what you feel when you go to sleep, support is what you feel when you wake up.”  Now that I have slept on a supportive mattress, I know EXACTLY what that means.  Many times I will even wake up on my back, which never happened before, and I have to think it’s because there is so much overall distributed body support. [Disclosure: Our mattress was provided complimentary for review.]

3. Comfort from night one. The mattress was as comfortable on the first night as it will be tonight.  There was no “breaking in” period or “getting used to it” period.  In fact, I actually thought I might miss my old bed (what was I thinking?!) and a little worried I might have to get used to sleeping on a new one.  My old mattress and I went back 13 years, so I thought it might be hard to break up.  Nope! The first morning after sleeping on the iComfort® my husband and I looked at each other and both said, “this bed is SOOOO comfortable!” He also said, “I have a feeling it might be a problem because we are never going to want to get up.”  Then we heard the little one on the monitor. Back to reality. [Disclosure: Our mattress was provided complimentary for review.]

4. Cool comfort. Memory foam mattresses in general can trap heat against your body and I have heard people complain that they can “sleep hot.” This is NOT TRUE with the iComfort® Memory Foam! Their new technology (read all about it here) means that the heat is broken up and dispersed so you sleep cooler and more comfortably all year round.  We are in the middle of the summer heat here, I have never once felt too hot because of the mattress. [Disclosure: Our mattress was provided complimentary for review.]

5. The look. This will sound superficial, but I LOVE the look of our iComfort® mattress.  The natural-colored upholstery on the side looks so modern and tailored. Even when I am washing the sheets, I like looking at the stripped bed, because it is just SO pretty.  Just look at the image above to see what I am talking about!

Tips When Considering an iComfort Mattress

1. Try it out for yourself . When shopping for a new mattress there is no better way to test it out than to go to a retail store and give it your own rest test. Bring your own pillow if you need to, so you can spend time laying on each of the four mattress in different rest positions that are typical for you.  It’s a big decision so take your time!

2. It might be interesting to do a blind test. There are four different models to choose from.  The firmest model in the collection is the Genius, which is designed to feel more like a traditionally firm mattress. Next is the Insight which offers the immediate feel of the Cool Action Gel with no additional comfort layers. The Revolution and Prodigy are both very plush in feel.  I would suggest bringing something like blank pieces of paper to cover up which model is which, so that you can do a blind rest test and see which your body responds to without knowing which is the “firmest” or “plushest.” Your choice might surprise you.

3. 120 Day Risk Free In-Home Trial – Serta offers a risk free trial where after a minimum of 30 night’s sleep on your iComfort®, if you are not happy you can exchange it or return it through the retailer. Like I said, it’s a big decision and a big investment.  It is comforting to know that if for any reason you are not satisfied (which you will be), you have other options.

Random Notes to Mention!

1. Unique smell. When we first received our bed I did notice a unique smell when they unpacked it that was hard to describe. I have a very sensitive sense of smell.  Once our mattress pad and sheets were on, it wasn’t bothersome, but I asked Serta about it and I was told the new mattress consists of fresh new materials and foams that may have a new product smell similar to other products like a leather purse or a new car smell that dissipates over time. The smell is barely noticeable now but I thought it was worth mentioning.

2. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Can bed bugs live in Memory Foam? I had heard that bed bugs cannot live in Memory Foam mattresses and have found out that this is an urban legend. Serta told me that bed bugs don’t actually live “in” mattresses or the foam within.  Bed bugs are brought into the home from outside sources – including suitcases which is why travel plays such a large role in the bed bug epidemic. Bed bugs tend to take up residence on the mattress, burrowing in the creases where the mattress piping outlines the top or perimeter of the mattress, often invisible to a glance. So, no type of mattress is immune to bed bugs which is why Serta recommends using a mattress protector and taking common precautions to prevent bed bugs from entering the home. A fully-encasing protector offers the best defense against bed bugs.

I was going to go on now about the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base, which is so awesome I just decided it needs it’s OWN post so “to be continued…” For now it is late and I am ready to log off and go and sink into my heavenly bed!


{Disclosure: I received a free iComfort® bed and base compliments of Serta and they paid for my travel costs, hotel, one spa treatment and meals to attend the iComfort Blogger Experience.  Serta will also provide me with a stipend for tax purposes. The opinions and reviews here are my own and have not been changed or altered by anyone else. Regardless of receiving a bed, of which I am utterly, eternally grateful, I would sing this bed’s praises ALL day long!}

Photo credit: Serta


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