Help for the Rainbow Looney

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As I am sure we all know, or at least all moms with school age kids know, the Rainbow Loom craze has taken over America, and the mini rubber bands have taken over our house. Trying to learn some of the designs started to make me a little rainbow looney, so when a friend suggested checking out the Rainbow Loom classes at Michaels, I signed us up.

My 7-year-old daughter got her Rainbow Loom before Thanksgiving and the entire weekend was spent on the iPad watching the Rainbow Loom You Tube tutorials in an attempt to learn some of the fancier designs kids had been sporting at school.

It’s not easy moms. Not easy. Even with pausing the how to video over and over again, inevitably we would mess up SOMEWHERE in the process, which would sabotage the entire design. Even my husband who can assemble anything, had trouble. We needed help.

The Rainbow Loom classes at Michaels are called Rainbow Loom Meet Ups. Our local Michaels in Costa Mesa had a Rainbow Loom Meet Up on a Sunday morning from 10am – 12pm. The 2 hour class is for kids ages 6+ and only puts you back $5.

You bring your own loom and rubber bands and our darling instructor, Selina, a Rainbow Loom Goddess, was there to help the children learn any design they wanted. She would walk around to answer questions, get kids started and fix the mishaps. Thank you Selina. Thank you. Thanks to her we FINALLY mastered the Rainbow Loom Starbust!! Victory!


So, if a Rainbow Loom in under your tree this year, have no fear! There is help for the rainbow looney. Contact your local Michaels to see if they have the Rainbow Loom meet ups. It will be the best $5 you ever spent.

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