A Question on Manners

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So the topic today has to do with manners!

I have been asking my mommy friends lately how they handle this question when I thought – this would make for a great blog discussion!

Up until now, my daughter has called our adult friends, which are mostly my close friends, by their first name.

But now that my daughter is approaching 5 and will be heading to kindergarten next year I am wondering if it is more appropriate for her to address adults as Mr. or Mrs.?

What does your family do?  Do your kids call adults by their first name or by Mr. or Mrs.?  Do you have “rules” as to who is addressed by what?  I am curious!

One of my friends has her kids call me “Miss Jen” – which is cute and my cousin told me she has her kids always start by addressing the adult as Mr. or Mrs. So and So and if they correct her child and tell them they can call them by their first name, then they are allowed to.  But only after giving permission.

So mamas, weigh in on this one!  What do you do?

Speaking of Manners!

Since we are on the topic of manners, I felt I should mention how much we loved the “Learn to be Fancy” class on etiquette and manners that my daughter took with a friend last month at the Dragonfly Shops and Gardens.

There are two more classes coming up this Saturday the 19th at 11am and 1pm in case you are interested in sending your little one!   It was a one hour class and the girls had the most delightful time!  They got to dress up in “fancy” clothes and learned all about how to introduce themselves, proper table manners, how to write thank you notes, and how to be gracious and help mommy clean up (THANK YOU VERY MUCH) and much more.

One night the week following the class, my husband started to take a bite of food at dinner and my daughter exclaimed, “Daddy!  I learned in manners class that it is not polite manners to start eating before everyone is sitting at the table.”


I grinned on the inside and thought – I have to do another post on this one because the things she learned about “sparkling from the inside out” made quite the impression!

Click here to read my previous post on this class and click here to go to the calendar at Dragonfly and see their upcoming events!

Cost is $30. To register, call the store at 714-289-4689.

So, again, would love your thoughts on the above question!  What is your family rule on this topic?  First name?  Mr.? Mrs.? Miss Jen?  Hey You?  Do tell! Comment below…

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