Frogg’s Bounce House. Ribbit. Ribbit.

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We discovered the newly opened Frogg’s Bounce House in Fountain Valley back in June when we were invited to a birthday party there.  

After 2 1/2 hours of bouncing, I literally had to drag my daughter out the door in tears, telling her they were closing *wink, wink.* 

This bouncing wonderland features 9,000 square feet of bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses and a special toddler play area.   In the back is a HUGE “party zone” with tons of seating and even a gazebo with a disco ball, microphones and mini-karaoke! 

Best part about the place is that it is new and CLEAN.   Very, very, very clean.  I am  a total germphobe and it passed my tough standards.  Every person is required to wear socks, there is hand sanitizer & wipes every where, and the bathroom was spotless.   

 They are also open for general bouncing 7 days a week, so it makes for a great outing!  You can pack a lunch, and stay for however long you want.  I met two girlfriends there recently with our kids.   Emma  bounced away to her heart’s content (which tired her out so she had a good nap!), we had a picnic lunch, she rocked the karaoke mic, then we left a couple hours later.  And, with the white noise of the blowers, Morgan slept the entire time.  Bonus! 

Just called to confirm pricing for bouncing: 

3 and under: $6
4 +: $10
Adults: $3

Seriously great entertainment for $9. 

Frogg’s Bounce House
16121 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, Ca. 92708
 (714) 418-0442 

Click here for hours.

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