Laguna Parent Participation Preschool Open House

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Hello mamas! If you have little ones approaching preschool age and are looking for the perfect school for your family, I wanted to share some information on a local preschool in Mission Viejo called the Laguna Parent Participation Preschool.  It is called a “parent participation school” or sometimes referred to as a “cooperative or co-op preschool” and is a  really great option for lots of families {and they have a few slots open for next year!}  If you are interested in this program,  they are having a Summer Open House next week where you can go meet the teachers, see the classroom and learn more about their organization. Here is a little more about their program and more details on the Open House…

Unique Preschool Finds a New Home in Mission Viejo

The Laguna Parent Participation Preschool is excited to find a new home this Fall in Mission Viejo.  This “hidden gem of a school” has remained a fixture in South Orange County since 1972 and has brought joy and love to hundreds of children and their families.

LPPP is a place where parents and children learn together.   As a non-profit preschool, the school is run by a board of elected parents.  A paid, professional teacher plans the curriculum and  engages the children in a multitude of age-appropriate activities.  Each day there are several “working parents” that assist the teachers in the classroom.

At LPPP we recognize that the work of children is play.

music painting cooking hands-on science experiments language arts crafts
imaginary play gardening puppetry early reading math skills
motor skill development multicultural experiences

This niche preschool appeals to families who are looking for a preschool where they can be involved in the early childhood education of their children.  The families at LPPP value “childhood” and the learning that is accomplished through play and imagination.  The typical family has one stay-at-home parent who is able to work in the classroom a couple of days a month and participate in the management of the preschool.

If you would like to learn more about the Laguna Parent Participation Preschool and it’s tradition of excellence please contact our membership chairperson at or call  949-235-0660.  Interested families are also invited to attend our informational Summer Park Days.  Visit our website at

Meet and Greet Open House
For Prospective Members

Tuesday, Aug 3rd, 2010 * 3:00-5:00pm

24701 San Doval Lane, Mission Viejo

Please RSVP to

(O’Neill Elementary School Kindergarten Room)

{This is a Sponsored Event Post…helping to spread the word on family-oriented local events near you!}

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Expert Advice When Touring Preschools

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Well, the calendar has turned, and I bet many of you are realizing your little ones are going to be starting preschool before you know it!   Finding “the One” (right preschool that is!) can be quite an overwhelming process.  When I was researching preschools last year I had no idea what I was doing or what questions to ask.  Preschool is a BIG part of your child’s life.  After all, it is their first experience with what is going to be many years of education, so you want to make sure it is a positive one.

Sara Hooper, owner and director of the newly opened Mission Montessori in Mission Viejo was nice enough to write this AWESOME post for us.  I wish I had read this last year – it would have made my life so much easier!

What to look for and questions to ask when touring preschools
by Sara Hooper

Touring preschools can be overwhelming and parents often don’t know what questions to ask.  It’s easy to get overloaded with information and forget specifics when looking at different programs.

Below is a list of questions to take with you on your tour:

What is the education/experience of the director, teachers, assistants and aides?

What is the average turn-over of staff?

What is the school’s educational philosophy or curriculum?

Will your child be prepared for kindergarten?  Is there a kindergarten readiness/assessment test?

What is the teacher to child ratio?  Ratios are set by the state agency, Community Care Licensing Division. The maximum state ratio for preschool students ages 2-6 is 1-12.  Most quality programs offer lower ratio’s than this (especially for 2-3 year olds).

How many children total are in a classroom?

Are the children with the same teacher/s every day?

Will your child have an opportunity to visit and meet the teacher prior to starting?

Are there extra-curricular classes offered such as music, art or dance?

What is the school’s sick policy?

What is the hand-washing policy/procedure?

How is discipline handled?

How are children comforted?

Are snacks/meals provided?  If they are provided, are they prepared on site or delivered?  Ask to see a sample menu.

What is the daily schedule?

Are parents allowed to volunteer?

How often are toys/materials cleaned?

Is the school professionally cleaned or cleaned by the teachers?

How often are carpets cleaned (especially important in infant and toddler programs).

Does your child need to be potty-trained to start?  If not, do staff assist with potty-training and what’s the potty-training philosophy?

How does the school handle allergies?

How does the school handle pick-ups by someone other than the parents?

Does the school have an emergency plan (disasters/fire/earthquakes)? How is communication handled with the parents/teachers and parents/administrators? Ex. P/T Conferences, Emails, Newsletters, Etc.

Follow your parental instincts and be a good observer.  Do the children and staff look happy? Are the toys/materials new and inviting?  Does the center look and smell clean?

An experienced director should give you her full undivided attention and feel comfortable answering all of your questions.  This is your opportunity to get to know the director because she is the person you will typically go to when/if there are problems or concerns.

*Information provided by Sara Hooper, owner and director of the newly opened Mission Montessori in Mission Viejo, CA. Click HERE for contact information.

{Mission Montessori is a Tiny Oranges sponsor}

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