OC Estate Planning and Living Trust: 2013 Must!

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It’s the New Year and on the TOP of my to-do list is getting our Family’s Estate Planning and Living Trust set up.  It’s time!  We have been meaning to do this for years now, our girls are six and four and God forbid anything were to ever happen to my husband and I, we want to be sure they are provided for and protected.

I have met Darlynn Morgan of Morgan Law Group several times, actually I seem to bump into her everywhere  I go (last month it was the Santa Train with her adorable family).  I know her to be very sweet and genuine, and I trust that she will have my family’s best interests at heart when she helps us with our Estate Planning and Living Trust.

So last month Mike and I listened in on Darlynn’s very informative teleseminar = call in from home in your PJ’s teleseminar (LOVE!)

It started with Darlynn sharing her heart wrenching story of how she lost her husband in his 30s.  After living through such a crazy hard time in her life, she decided to dedicate her life’s work to making sure others who face such devastating circumstances are prepared and have guidance.

There were several topics touched upon, most of them I had never even thought of, such as the importance of naming short term guardians who live within 20 minutes of your home to be sure in the case of an emergency when a babysitter is watching your kids, they don’t end up in Child Protective Services.

I also learned when naming your Long Term Guardians it is important to name the specific individual.  What if you name a couple and they were to get a divorce?  You want to be sure you are specific so your children are raised by the person you intend.

Sometimes the person you would never want to raise your children will look better on paper to a judge than your first choice.

The teleseminar touched on many other important financial points such how to avoid probate and minimize estate taxes to be sure your children are left with as much of your wealth as possible.

Such heavy, difficult topics are hard to face, but we have set up our appointment to meet with Darlynn at the end of the month and I already feel lighter because we are on our way to having our family’s affairs in order.  And I love that we are working with someone who really cares about my family’s well being.

If you would like to start off the New Year checking this off your to-do list as well you can meet Darlynn this month at her in-person FREE workshop:

January 26th at 2:00pm

Granola Babies

3315 Hyland Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or she has another upcoming FREE teleseminar so you can learn more from the comfort of your own home:

January 29th at 8:00pm
Call in from home 

Register now for an upcoming event with Darlynn at


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