OC Parents Wanted for Market Research Study!

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A local market research firm is looking for OC parents to participate in an upcoming childcare product study so I wanted to share the info in case any of you reading might qualify!

Fieldwork Orange County is looking for men and women with a child / children in diapers and (especially those with a child or children in size 1 diapers) to participate in an upcoming diaper home test.  If you read that and it doesn’t apply to you, you can still register for the Fieldwork database to be considered for future focus groups.

Here is the info about this particular study:

If you and your child qualify to participate, you would be required to visit their Irvine office for an orientation meeting on October 29th or October 30th.

At the orientation meeting, you will be given test diapers to use for the 12-day study and be instructed on how to complete the questionnaires.

During the 12-day study, you would be asked to complete a questionnaire after removing each diaper. You would need to return the used diapers (in bags provided) and paperwork to their agency during normal business hours on each of the following dates: November 6 and 12, 2012. 

If other members of your household share in the diaper changing responsibilities, it would be your responsibility to inform them of your participation in this study, and they must be instructed how to follow the same study procedures.

In addition to the product to use for 12 days, those who qualify and are selected to participate will be paid a $115 Visa card at the conclusion of the study.

If you are interested in participating and would like to see if you qualify, please fill out this information.

For more information on Fieldwork, you can visit www.Fieldwork.com.

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