Super Cute Greeting Card Tote

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I happened upon this SUPER CUTE Greeting Card Tote from a company called Pad & Paper at The Christmas Company last December and it was love at first glimpse for this stationery fanatic!

Boxed in a darling white tin container with black and white ribbon, this tote is organized by category with 21 DARLING greeting cards inside for every occasion.

I know you have all seen these sets before, and what I have found is that, while the idea is great, the cards are often not-so-cute.  Unless you are looking for a puffy, glittery rocking horse design to send to a friend with a new baby. No thanks.

The Pad & Paper cards are simple, tasteful and so very lovely. I looked through each design and didn’t see one that I wouldn’t actually use.

And, at $31 for the set, that makes each CUTE card much less than the ones you find in a store! Fabulous gift idea for a girlfriend as well.


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