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Disclosure: I am a Serta Brand Ambassador and am compensated for my time and participation in the program and have received complimentary products to help communicate our first-hand experiences.


A good night’s sleep is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and your mattress quality plays a huge role in how well you are sleeping. If you have been tossing or turning, or waking up with sore muscles or a stiff back, it might be time to shop for a new mattress.

One of the most important things you will have to determine when selecting a new mattress is what kind of mattress is right for you? Innerspring vs memory foam? Or even memory foam hybrid?

It’s easy to put off mattress shopping because the whole process can be a bit overwhelming, however, Serta actually makes the process quite simple. Let me start by explaining the differences in Serta’s different types of mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses 

innerspring Innerspring mattresses are a traditional type of mattress, made with a steel coil innerspring support system and interior metal coils that give the mattress a little bounce.

On the top of an innerspring mattress, various foams and fibers are used to provide comfort on the sleeping surface.

Serta has a variety of innerspring constructions providing different levels of comfort and support.

Memory Foam Mattresses [iComfort] 

A memory foam mattress features an all-foam support core that provides superior memoryfoam support and pressure-relieving comfort.

The iComfort Memory Foam mattresses feature Serta’s Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam which is designed to disperse heat build up so that the sleeping surface is kept cool and comfortable.

One of the best benefits of a memory foam mattress is motion isolation, meaning if your partner moves, the mattress doesn’t doesn’t bounce with them. This can drastically reduce the amount of tossing, turning, and waking throughout the night.

Memory Foam Hybrid [iSeries]

Can’t decide on innerspring vs memory foam? Well, Serta took the best of both mattress constructions and made a series of mattresses combining the support of a traditional steel coil innerspring bed with the comfort of memory foam.

hybrid-1 The Serta iSeries mattress line is their memory foam hybrid collection.

Every new iSeries hybrid mattress features the same Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam along with the support of a traditional innerspring bed.

Innerspring vs Memory Foam:

How to Choose the Right Mattress For You 

Now that you understand the different types of mattress options, how do you know how to pick the right mattress for you?

First, you can go online and take the Serta Mattress Selector Quiz to see what recommendations Serta would make based on your answers to a few simple questions.

You can also download the Serta Test Rest app for free and take the quiz through the app. Once finished you can use the app in-store to record your thoughts on the different models.

I made this video awhile back on how to shop for a mattress so you can find more tips on making the most out of your in-store shopping experience.

2014 Serta Mattress Improvements 

The Serta iComfort mattresses were first introduced in 2011, with the iSeries following in 2012.  Now, just this year, Serta introduced all-new iComfort and iSeries models with brand new Cool Action Dual Effects gel memory foam.  This new material combines two different types of gel, giving consumers up to 25% more gel than the original formula.

Meaning just that much more comfort and cooling effects for your best night’s sleep. Ever.

My husband and I have been sleeping on a new 2014 iComfort mattress for a few months now and it is hard to believe Serta could have made improvements to an already amazing product, but they did.

Stay tuned for my full 2014 iComfort mattress review. I hope this post has helped explain the different mattress types. Now, if you are not sleeping well, time to put getting a new mattress on the radar!

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We Have a Gift for You

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Free Gift Label Printable

Hi friends! How are you doing? I hope you are settling into a little bit of a school year rhythm, dare I say, we are starting to finally feel the groove and it’s awesome. I have something else awesome for you today too. Free printable gift labels. Not only just free printable gift labels, super cute free printable gift labels.

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Life is busy, it’s hard to remember to check blogs, I get it. Which is why we want to make it easier for you.

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Thank you!

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Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Halloween is coming!!  It may still be scorching hot in the afternoons, but soon (fingers crossed, SOON), it will start to cool off and be time for pumpkin patches, changing leaves, cool, misty mornings, pumpkin spice lattes…and picking out Halloween costumes!

Lately I’ve been on the Pinterest lookout for simple and adorable DIY Halloween costumes for kids you can easily make yourself and have picked out some of my favorites to share.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids 

a Halloween Costume Round-Up

DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

1. Bag of Jelly Bellies

Love this idea! My little girl loves balloons, so this would be cool (and pretty easy!) to make. Featured here on Modern Kiddo along with a ton of other cute ideas.

2. Cotton Candy

Oh my gosh, sooooo sweet for little itty bitties!  Look at this cotton candy costume.

3. Flower Pot

I cannot handle this cuteness.  You have to see for yourself.  Click here for DIY instructions to make your cutie into a little flower pot.

4. A Snail

I don’t think I have seen a snail costume before!! Love!!

5. Raining Cats and Dogs

Absolutely precious raining dogs and cats costume via Real Simple.  And super easy – especially if you are putting a last minute costume together.   Basically grab some rain gear and adhere your dogs and cats!

raining-cats-and-dogs Costume

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

1. Jedi

Have any Star Wars fans in your house?  Check out this how to make a Jedi robe tutorial.

2. Clark Kent (Superman)

Here’s a slightly different (and super simple to make) take on Superman – neat idea for boys of all ages!

3. MINECRAFT Costume

This blog describes how you can make this super cool MINECRAFT costume for less than $10.  Score!

4. DIY Ninja Turtle

Heroes in a half shell – turtle POWER!  YES!  My son is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this DIY Ninja Turtle costume idea is doable to make from home.


This LEGO costume is pretty cool, and clever. Easy to make at home!


Unique Costume Ideas for Boys or Girls

1. A Crayon

A $5 costume? Yes please. Here’s how to make your kid a crayon costume this Halloween for only $5!

2. A Stick Figure

This could work for either a little girl or a little boy.  How cute…and easy to make…is this?!  I found this funny and unique idea on All for the Boys.

3. Scuba Diver

Simple to put together…and fun because we live near the ocean. Make your own scuba diver costume!

4. Despicable Me Minons

Always a hit, always. Click here for the DIY tutorial.

5. The Artist

Does your kiddo love art??  I mean, how cute is this artist costume?


DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies

1. A Baby Moose

I am crazy for this Baby Moose costume. And you just need a brown warm up suit, white or beige gloves, and stuffing.  Done and done.

2. Baby Aerobics Instructor

Onesie, leggings, legwarmers, and a toy boom box.  Cutie patootie.  Dying over this one.

3. A Garden Gnome

Adorable, adorable, adorable.  Here’s the tutorial for a garden gnome costume.

4. Charlie Brown

Seriously, this Charlie Brown costume is precious.  It might also have to do with the grin that baby is sporting too…

5. Mummy

Cutie, cute mummy costume for an itty bitty!  A white onesie, some gauze and googly eyes…

Mummy Costume

 Thank you to ALL of the blogs and bloggers who shared these fantastic costume ideas online!

What are your favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids?  There are soooooo many to choose from.  Comment below!

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Stow and Go

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 Affiliate links are used in this post

Incipio Stowaway Case

I love my Incipio Stowaway case for my old iPhone 5 and get a ton of comments on it when I open the back compartment to show my ID when using a credit cards at stores.

It’s surprising to me how many people aren’t familiar with the super fabulous Incipio Stowaway case which meant it was time for me to blog about it.

I always have my phone on me most all the time these days, especially when the kids are at school just in case.

In the back compartment I keep my ID, so when I just have to jaunt over to school for a drop off or pick up, I can simply grab my keys and phone, and go.

The case, (Incipio Stowaway Case iPhone 6 also now available), has a compartment in the back that can fit up to 3 credit cards, license, or even cash.

It is really durable, I have had it for quite awhile and it has held up great. I have dropped it on numerous ocassions and my iPhone has survived every drop without a scratch.

Past cases have fallen apart on me, so I am VERY pleased with the Incipio durability and functionality.  Thank you Incipio for making a great product.

You can find all sorts of Incipio Cell Phone Cases Incipio cases here on Amazon.

Happy Friday Mamas! Wishing you a great weekend!

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Is This In Your Child’s Backpack?

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Important reminder to put this in your child's backpack

The other day I was picking up my 3rd grade daughter after school when a boy from her class last year came up asking if I had seen his mom.  I hadn’t so I asked him what her cell number was so I could call her.

“I don’t know it.”

Luckily another mom was at pick up who knew his mom and was able to reach her, but it got me to thinking about JUST how important it is to have your cell phone number in your child’s backpack if they don’t have it memorized.

This year we are carpooling with four different families, so it inspired me to write all the moms four cell phone numbers down to keep in my daughter’s backpack.

Every mom these days has her phone in hand – so if your child should need to reach you – they likely could find at least one mom they know and ask to call you.

But, they need to know your number.

Write yours down today and have them pick their place in their backpack where they want to stash it, just in case!

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