Ruby’s 93!

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Shooby Dooby down to Ruby’s Diner on Monday, July 27th, 2015 from 11:30am until closing and you can get a Ruby’s Classic RubyBurger and fries for only $1.93 to celebrate Ruby’s 93rd birthday!

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reCAP lids are reALLY reMARKABLE

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pourable mason jar lids

Every day I get lots of emails from companies and PR agencies showcasing products products moms might like. Because of the volume of emails, it’s hard to be able to investigate every one, but the email I got telling me about reCAP mason jar lids stopped me in my tracks – brilliant. 

In a nutshell, reCAP lids are universal pourable mason jar lids and caps that fit any mason jar so you can reuse your beautiful jars in a gazillion new ways.

I told them I would be interested in getting some samples to see if they were as awesome as they looked so they sent me a few to try.

When I feature products on Tiny Oranges, I have to really love it.  Enough to feel compelled to want to share with my girlfriends (and I consider my readers my girlfriends). So let me tell you how much I love this product.

The pourable mason jar lids are perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, my cucumber water and also homemade salad dressings.  You can shake it, pour it, drink from it, what have you.

Here are my two favorite everyday uses for my reCAP pour caps (click here to get the how-to on the amazing homemade salad dressing recipe.)


reCAP also carries flip lids which make the jars perfect for storage, snacks, really anything and Adapta caps which have sprayers and pumps for cleaning or beauty products.

And for anyone who loves Classico Italian sauces like we do, the 24 oz mason jars the sauces come in are the perfect container to reUSE with your reCAP products.  If you are inspired to share your ideas on how you reUSE your Classico jars with reCAP lids, tag them on social media with #ClassicoMakeItYourOwn!

Or share any of the ways you reUSE your mason jars using hashtag #WhatWillYouReCap!

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Things to Do Before Baby Arrives Checklist

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things to do before baby arrives checklist

The Pregnancy Diaries…

The third trimester. UGH.  The THIRD trimester.  All of you mamas know what I’m talking about. The trimester that seems to last 3,000 days.  And here I am, smack dab in the middle of it – 36 weeks and counting – which inspired this things to do before baby arrives checklist post!

There’s something about hitting that 36th week that inspires major excitement (and minor panic) – baby is coming – SOON!!!!

Which means there are lots of things to do before baby arrives. Gulp.

Whether it’s your first or third, there is always SO much to be done to prepare.  We’ve already talked about that crazy little phenomenon called “pregnancy brain,” right?  So this is why lists are so important to me…and most pregnant moms I know.

Whenever I feel myself getting overwhelmed at how much still needs to be done before baby girl comes, I make a checklist.  On the flip side, these lists you make can also cause you to feel overwhelmed, so try to take your to-do tasks in stride, and ask for help when you can! Here is my things to do before baby arrives checklist. If you have anything to add, please comment below!

Things to Do Before Baby Arrives Checklist

1. Finish the baby’s room.

2. Buy any other baby items you may still need.

3. Decide on cord blood banking and initiate the process, if you decide to do it.

4. Make sure the baby’s car seat is assembled and cleaned, and practice installing.

5. For that matter, install any other mandatory baby item that may need more attention that just washing and folding.

6. If you are going to give sibling gifts (from the baby to the big kids), buy and wrap with a card.

7. If you plan to order a breast pump through your insurance company, call and get the information – order (many insurances now cover breast pumps!).

8. Research and purchase nursing bras, if you are planning to nurse.

9. Wash newborn clothing, blankets, sheets, liners, changing pad covers, etc.

10. Finish any baby gift thank-you notes to friends and family.

11. If you plan to take professional newborn pictures, research photographer options and prices, and make a tentative appointment.

12. If you plan to send birth announcements, pick out the baby announcement design you like, budget for it, and draft your wording – so that when baby is here and you’re sleep deprived and recovering, you already have your card picked out (and you just have to insert the birthday, weight and length).

13. Educate yourself on your company’s policies for maternity leave, meet with HR, fill out any necessary maternity leave paperwork in advance, discuss your plans with your boss, and get as organized as possible (especially for when you are absent).

14. Look up your medical insurance information and make sure you are educated about when you sign up baby for insurance (and the timeframe you have to do so).

15. Fill out any hospital/birthing center paperwork you can, in advance, and send it in.

16. Discuss any questions you have regarding your ideal birth experience with your doctor or midwife, and finalize your ideal birth plan.

17. Talk to your close family and/or friends about how they can best support you during and after you give birth – i.e. have you and your spouse/partner decided if you’d like people at the hospital? Are you up for guests at your house after you get home (to visit the baby)?  Will you need help with meals? Your big kids?

18. Pack your hospital bag.

19. Make (or confirm) any final childcare arrangements for the big kid(s) while you’re giving birth.

20. Stockpile diapers!

21. Breathe!

Any other mamas out there want to chime in?  Any things to do before baby arrives items I missed? Please comment below!

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2015 OC Fair Ticket Giveaway

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2015 OC Fair Info

It’s here! It’s here!

Today is OPENING DAY of the 2015 OC Fair, themed “One Big Party,”celebrating it’s 125th year in Orange County so gear up for an extravaganza of food, rides, entertainment and fun at one of Orange County’s favorite family events.

The OC Fair is open Wednesdays through Sundays today through August 16th, 2015.

OC Fair Ticket Giveaway!

Yippppeee!!! I have a family four pack of tickets for OC Fair Admission and Austin Mahone/ Kalin and Myles concert in the Pacific Amphitheater on Sunday, August 16th at 7:30pm. Enter below!

Ways to Save Money at the OC Fair

We all know how much we love the fair, and how quickly things can add up to make it an expensive outing for a family. However, there are ways you can save money, here are some of the OC Fair discounts offered.

Opening Day:

Friday, July 17, Noon-1 pm: Free Opening Hour, FREE admission & parking for everyone

Daily Discounts:

Active Military & Veterans
Free admission for active-duty military and veterans with appropriate military ID (DD214, etc.) Not valid for spouses or dependents.

Read & Ride
Bookworms ages 5-11 can read 2 books to earn 3 free carnival rides. Click here to download the book report form. Completed book report forms can be redeemed for ride tickets at the Centennial Farm Information Booth during Fair hours. Tickets are valid July 17-August 16, 2015 only. Official OC Fair Read & Ride Form must be used in order to participate in program.

Super Pass
Enjoy 23 days of Fair fun, food and more with a 2015 OC Fair Super Pass.

We Care Wednesdays:

FREE admission and one (1) free carnival ride per person each Wednesday with appropriate donation (donation changes weekly.)

Food Drive – July 22, Noon-3 pm
FREE admission with donation of 5 cans of food

Children’s Book Drive – July 29, Noon-3 pm
FREE admission with donation of 3 new or gently used children’s books

Clothing Drive – August 5, Noon-3 pm
FREE admission with donation of 5 new or gently used clothing items

School Supply Drive – August 12, Noon-3 pm
FREE admission with donation of NEW school supplies valued at $5 or more. Receipt required.

$30 Unlimited Carnival Ride Wristband

Enjoy all the rides you can handle for one price plus 2 free games. (Sold until 5 pm. Valid until 8 pm. Required Fair admission sold separately.)


Kids Day
Children 12 & Under FREE Fair admission All day.

$30 Unlimited Carnival Ride Wristband
Enjoy all the rides you like for one price plus 2 free games. (Sold until 5 pm. Valid until 8 pm. Required Fair admission sold separately.)


Seniors Day (60+)
$2 discount on Senior admission plus FREE Ferris wheel and merry-go-round rides all day

$2 Taste of Fair Food
Enjoy $2 samples of select Fair treats. Click here for the $2 Taste of Fair Food List.
Valid Noon-4 pm

$2 Rides and $2 Games
Rides and games are only $2 each in the Main Carnival and Kiddie Carnival.
Valid Noon-4 pm

Saturdays + Sundays

Rise & Shine
Early admission pricing every weekend of the Fair
$3 general admission for everyone
10 am – 11 am
Discounted tickets are sold until 11 am and must be use by Noon on the day of purchase.

FREE Off-Site Parking (Weekends Only)
Free parking and shuttle service is available on Saturdays and Sundays from the Experian parking structure located off the Bristol Street exit of the 405 Freeway. Follow the signs to “Experian.” The shuttle operates from 10 am-1 am Saturday & Sunday only.

Things to Do at the OC Fair 

There are so many things to do at the OC Fair, the question becomes, what is there not to do at the OC Fair? Visit the Things to Do page for a full list of attractions, entertainment and special events.

Hooray! It’s a OC Fair Ticket Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a family four-pack of tickets to win a family four pack of tickets to the Austin Mahone/ Kalin and Myles concert in the Pacific Amphitheater on Sunday, August 16th at 7:30pm and four free Fair tickets for the same day. Good luck!

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Seriously Amazon?

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[Links in post are Amazon affiliate links]

I posted yesterday about the highly publicized Amazon Prime Day which was touted and marketed by Amazon to be “Better Than Black Friday!”

I am such an Amazon Prime fan that I felt compelled to do a post yesterday about Amazon Prime Day in the hopes that I could also share these amazing, “Better Than Black Friday” deals with you.

As a shopper, I was also fired up to go online and see all the amazing “Better Than Black Friday” deals that I might be able to take advantage of.

What a disappointment!

Did you guys think the same thing?

First off, I found it to be very confusing.

And then when (I guess) I found the Amazon Prime Day deals, they were things that (to me) were completely random.

So I did not buy any deals on Amazon Prime Day.

Did you?

I am still an avid Amazon Prime fan, but to Amazon Prime Day, I give it a two thumbs down.

What were your thoughts? Did I miss something? Anyone get a great deal?

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