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We Heart Golden Tote. Big Time.

Golden Tote Review

Disclosure: Links in this post are affiliate links and we received our Golden Tote bags complimentary. 

This last Friday, my April Golden Tote arrived full of fun Spring finds. I can’t tell you just HOW much fun it is to receive a Golden Tote box!  Susanne and I are completely in love with this company and we are excited to share our recent Totes with you in this Golden Tote review.

For anyone not familiar, Golden Tote is like a personal shopper, but you don’t have to step foot into a store!

You select a few items you like, and they surprise you with the rest. But not to worry, all their pieces are super cute and stylish.

I have minimal time to shop for myself.  Scratch that, I have barely any time to shop for myself.

Every time the season changes I end up scrunching my nose at my last year’s items wishing I had a couple cute new things to wear.  That’s why Golden Tote is SO great for busy moms.

You go online and can choose to buy from two totes: a $49 one and a $149 one.  Personally I think the $149 one is the way to go just because of the number of pieces you will get for that price (see below.)

Sales start on the first Monday of the month and run through the last day of the month or until items run out.  Make sure to sign up for their email list so you get a reminder email when the month’s tote is coming up for sale. Things can sell out quickly, so you have to be on top of it!

The $49 tote includes 2-3 items. You select one item you like, and they surprise you with the rest.  The $149 tote includes 5 – 7 items. You select 2 items, they surprise you with the rest.

Susanne and I both received the $149 April Golden Tote to review and show you what sorts of pieces are included!  Here they are! LOVE!


And here she is modeling her new April Golden Tote items! How cute is she?


And yet, some more!  Can you believe how many outfits you can get out of those six pieces?  At the price of a $149 tote, they average only about $25 per piece. Such a great deal!


 And here are my Golden Tote items…


And my attempt at “modeling”.  At least you get to see what the pieces look like on a real life mom! Of course I also had to add in a fedora with a piece called the “Getaway Tunic” – right?!


I didn’t take a pic in the long sleeved gray and black because Susanne modeled the same one, but I wanted to show two photos of the floral dress because the back is so cute!


Here are two more Instagram ones I took from real events last weekend (follow me @TinyOrangesOC!) I wore the cute cardigan with white jeans to lunch and the white peasant top out to dinner with friends on Saturday night.


Overall, Susanne and I are over the moon with our items.

There are no returns or exchanges with Golden Tote – just so you know.

But they just started a Golden Tote Trades Facebook Group where you can buy or sell or trade items that are not a good fit.  However, I can safely say with both my totes, I can wear (and do wear) the majority of the items!

Again, sign up for their email list so you can get on the radar when the sale is coming.  Learn more here:

Discount Designer Shoes

Discount Designer Shoes Online


Okay ladies, who loves shoes as much as I do…but not necessarily the price tag attached?  That’s what I thought – me too!  That’s why I am thrilled to introduce you to For Savvy Soles, a fabulous company that sells discount designer shoes online.

I had the opportunity to talk to Leeann, owner of For Savvy Soles, all about her business.  And, I am confident that For Savvy Soles will be your new “go to” for discount designer shoes online. Yes, you heard it first here.

And bonus…she’s giving all of us Tiny Oranges’ readers a discount!  When shopping online, simply put in the For Savvy Soles promo code, “TINYORANGES” at checkout, and enjoy an additional 25% off now through 4/30/14.

For Savvy Soles searches high-end boutiques across the country during their “end of season” sales to find the best designer shoe deals. The company does all the work for you to find the best styles, at the best prices.

You can search the For Savvy Soles website by style, designer, or size, then simply click order. Your gorgeous new shoes will be shipped directly to you, and if you are in Orange County, like For Savvy Soles, they typically arrive speedy quick.


Why we love For Savvy Soles

1) You can find amazing discount designer shoes online and no one will know you snagged a discounted deal.

2) The new lovelies are shipped directly to you.

3) You get to avoid taking your kiddos to the department stores or high-end boutiques to try on shoes, while trying to entertain them, and keep them from grabbing every shoe on display.

About Leeann, Owner of For Savvy Shoes

Leeann knows how busy you are because she’s a mama, too!  She knows what it’s like to have small kids – that’s why she makes finding fabulous designer shoes easy.

She takes every detail seriously, down to taking her own pictures of the shoes available.  There are no stock photos on this site!  You will be able to view the actual shoe you will be purchasing.

Her inventory varies, depending on the season, and inventory is brand new and constantly changing, so check the site often.  Occasionally you may find the boxes to be a little “touched,” but that will not affect the quality of your shoe or the authenticity – they may just have been tried on, but never worn.

For Savvy Soles will always note if the box is damaged.

This site is perfect for the mamas who know their designers, know their size in that designer, and are looking for that A-MAZING deal.

I can relate – how many times have you eyed those gorgeous pumps…or even tried them on at a store…but just didn’t want to pay the retail price?

Sample designers on For Savvy Soles:

Dolce Vita
Isaac Mizrahi
Paul Mayer
Tory Burch
Red Valentino
Stuart Weitzman

For Savvy Soles finds those deep discounts for you so that you can get what you want – at the right price.

And, if the shoes don’t fit for whatever reason, simply return them within 10 days.  Another great reason to shop – For Savvy Soles in based in Orange County, so shipping is fast!  Easy peasey.

For Savvy Soles Promo Code

Here’s the fun part – again – you can nab a 25% discount on any order for the next two weeks from now through 4/30/14, just by mentioning this blog!  When placing your order online, simply put in the promo code TINYORANGES.  Now, go find your perfect pair!

Outfit Inspiration for Valentine’s Date Night

Valentine's Date Night Outfit

How many of you lucky ladies are going to get a date night with your hubby this Valentine’s Day? Our plans might include a family date night with our girls at the Spaghetti Factory, or something equally romantic.

However, if you are able to steal away for a night on the town with your sweetheart, we wanted to share some style inspiration for a Valentine’s date night outfit.

1. We love this three quarter sleeve chiffon tunic dress from Bloomie’s for its ease and sophistication. The short length however, makes it just the right amount of sexy for date night.

2. A simple dress can handle a super cute statement piece. We found this amazing embroidered cascade necklace on sale at J. Crew.

3. Last but not least, a sexy heel is definitely in order for Valentine’s date night. I love this asymmetrical suede pump by Steve Madden is a classic, with a twist.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans mamas?

Me-Likey Me-Ality


I had a life changing moment  last week at Bloomingdales in South Coast Plaza when I received an unexpected, complimentary Me-Ality body scan in the designer denim department and I am giddy with excitement to be able to share it with you. The future has arrived ladies! 

Imagine finding a designer jean in the perfect fit for your bodywithout having to try them all on. It’s almost too good to be true, right?

If there is one thing I hate more than shopping for a swim suit, it would be shopping for a pair of designer jeans. I hate jean shopping, with a capital H. Why? Because I have to take a gazillion pairs of jeans in the fitting room, and my size is never the same from brand to brand.

Anyway, the time had come to get a new pair of jeans and Susanne told me they had some denim on sale at Bloomingdales, so I bit the bullet and went into the designer jean section. At first, I went at it alone, grabbing many pairs in different ranges of sizes. I literally took about 30 pairs in the dressing room.

Soon after, an associate asked me if I did the Me-Ality scan? The Me-Whaty? I had no idea what she was talking about, so she shared that it was a complimentary fitting service so I went over to check it out.

The machine looks like a futuristic chamber. The Me-Ality guy took down my name, email, asked me to take off my watch and into the chamber I went.  A wand circulated around me twice, taking my measurements using 200,000 points of reference. The scan lasted about 30 seconds.

When I got out, on the computer screen was a long list of designer jean brands, listed in order of the best recommended fit by brand in MY SIZE for that brand.

One of my top matches was the Hudson Jeans – Collin Skinny. Wondering if this scanner REALLY knew what it was talking about, I went and picked up ONE pair of Hudson Collin skinnies in the size recommend in my results and headed to the dressing room.


It would have been hard to believe it I didn’t experience this myself, but…

They were the PERFECT fit!!

And no, that is not me pictured above.

It works! It’s crazy but it works.

If I would have started with the scanner, I could have essentially tried on ONE pair of jeans and saved an hour of misery from trying on all the others. The best thing is the Hudson pockets give the illusion of a smidge more somethin’ in the tush. Me-Likey Me-Ality!

When I got home, I created an account on using the email they did the scan with. In my profile, were tons of recommendations for jeans, skirts, dresses, tops and sweaters, WITH size recommendations.  I have to say, looking at the suggestions and the sizing, they were right on. I just can’t believe this service is all for free. 

If you find yourself in South Coast sometime soon, stop by for a Me-Ality body scan in the jean section. It will be well worth your 5 minutes. You too will likey-likey!

Save Money Shopping Online

online price tracking website

All my friends and I are flipping out over this new online price tracking website by our new Sponsor, Scoutfit. The concept is brilliant. So get ready to be introduced to your new favorite past-time – scouting!

What is scouting?

If you see something you want to buy online, but don’t want to or can’t pay the current price, you simply  ”scout” it. Then, if the item drops in price you get an email notification based on parameters you set.

For the notifications, you can decide if you want an email anytime there is a price drop, or you can select a target price to be notified if it drops below a certain amount you are willing to pay.

See? Told you it was brilliant! You will want to sign up and start scouting today. Let me tell you how!

How to sign up:

First, click here and enter your email address to get an invitation to join the site. It’s free.

After you get your confirmation email, follow the easy install steps and drag the Scoutfit button to your tool bar. That’s it.

Then you simply go about your merry business online shopping and get ready to “scout” anything that catches your eye. 

Build an online closet of your scouted pieces

When you scout items, you add them to your online closet by category of your choice. I have started building my Fall must-haves (for the right price of course.) Your closet looks like this…FUN!


Email price drop notifications

When the lucky day comes that an item you love drops in price, you will get an email in your Inbox like this. Then you can do a little happy dance, like I did as I was on the way to buy a cute open-front cardi from Gap at 30% less that I originally found it at …


Scout anything online – not just clothing!

Important to note – you can scout ANY item you find online – not just clothes.  That means baby gear, toys, home goods, you name it, if you can find it online, you can scout it and let Scoutfit do the online price tracking for you!

Think how great it would be to start scouting now for Christmas gifts


Find coupons instantly  

When you scout an item, if there is a coupon tab in the bottom right corner, you can click to see any coupons or promo codes the company might be currently offering.

This saves so much time from Googling to see if you can find a coupon online.

Scoutfit Coupons

I hope you are all as excited about Scoutfit today as I am! Happy shopping and saving with this fabulous online price tracking website!

 [Disclosure: Scoutfit is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. Happy dance. Love them.]