Newport Cottages Children’s Furniture

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Bring your nursery or kid’s bedroom to life with the magic of Newport Cottages children’s furniture, a local USA-made furniture manufacturer that can design any piece, any style to fit your little one’s personality. From modern to classic, frilly to clean-lined, there is a style for every space.

Do you love looking at photos of children’s rooms or nurseries for ideas? Be prepared to drool over the gorgeous pieces of furniture! Click here to visit their “Ideas & Inspiration” page. Love.

Every piece from Newport Cottages’ California Coastal Cool children’s furniture is made to order. That means your order is custom made for you, by real people, using “Old World” craftsmanship techniques. Their individual benchmade construction from hardwoods means that their pieces of furniture will last not just through their childhood, but as they go off to college and longer.

Their heirloom investment pieces are built to last a lifetime.

You can customize size, finish (there are 23 options to choose from), style, you name it.

Or maybe you have a photo of something you like that has been hard to find?  You can bring it to Newport Cottages and their designers can help design a piece perfectly suited to your little one’s space.

When I was searching for nursery furniture, I remember getting so frustrated with the options.  It took me oodles of time to try to find a dresser that had the exact number of drawers and storage space I wanted.  I wish I knew a company like Newport Cottages existed at that time.

Have a baby on the way?

All of the Newport Cottages cribs convert into toddler beds, and their special conversion cribs convert into full size beds.

Or maybe you have a child moving out of the crib into their own Full or Queen sized bed?  Finding a bed frame in a Queen in children’s furniture can be hard to find.  But not to worry, every single style of bed on Newport Cottages can be made into a Queen, even King size to fit your growing kiddo.

Even though it seems odd to have a little one in a bigger bed, when investing in pieces of furniture or a quality mattress, in 10 short years, your 3 year old will be 13 and will likely be much more comfortable in a bigger bed.

That’s why planning ahead can have big advantages when making good furniture purchases.

Newport Cottages furniture is available online as well as through their Newport Beach store in Atrium Court in Fashion Island.  You can even make an appointment to meet with a designer in their store to help talk you through your space planning and design.

They offer a wide selection of beds, bunk beds, dressers, nightstands, desks, armoires, accent tables and more. Stay tuned for a special “Back to School” promotion next month and (I hear) a special desk giveaway!  I will do a post as soon as the contest starts.

Stay up to date on all the fun Newport Cottages promotions on their blog, on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Pinterest.

[Disclosure: Newport Cottages is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor]

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Granola Babies’ Herbal Bar

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Awhile back, Giselle, the owner of Granola Babies natural parenting store went to place an order for dried Chamomile and while shopping for other herbs online, thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you could go learn about herbs, smell them, try them, and learn more about their medicinal uses?”  And thus was the beginning of Granola Babies’ Herbal Bar!

Their organic herbs are available per ounce and are stocked with medicinal herbs commonly used during pregnancy and motherhood.  Some of their herbs they offer and uses include:

Chamomile Flowers: Chamomile is known to relax nerves, reduce inflammation, clear toxins and promote tissue repair. Chamomile is relaxing for both children and adults, and can also be used for pink eye (do not take if you are allergic to ragweed.)

Blessed Thistle: Blessed Thistle infusions have been used for centuries to increase milk supply in nursing mothers. Blessed Thistle is also used to treat digestive ailments.

Nettles: Nettle leaf boosts immune system and can be used as well for skin irritations. It’s also used for hair and the scalp to promote hair growth, hair thickness and can prevent dandruff.

Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry Leaf tea is used to treat canker sores, cold sores and gingivitis in people of all ages, and anemia, leg cramps, diarrhea, and morning sickness in pregnant women, and as a uterine relaxant.

These are just a few of their herbs, click here for the entire list and their uses.

The herbs are $2 each per ounce.  You can learn more and try them in store as well as  purchase them through Granola Babies online.

Do you use herbs as natural remedies?  Please share your tips / experiences in the comments below!

[Important: Not all herbs are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Check with your medical professional before use.]

Disclosure: Granola Babies is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.

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Favorite Apps for Girls

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I thought it might be helpful to share our favorite Apps for girls and I am hoping you will be willing to share yours in the comments below because we need some new Apps!

Since I just have girls, we have a lot of girly ones, but some that are unisex too.  Boy mamas, would love your favorites as well, so I can do a favorite Apps for boys post next!

Morgan’s Favorites (she is newly 3 years)

* Talking Tom Cat (Out Fit 7 Ltd.)
* First Words Animals (Learning Touch)
* Wheels on the Bus (Duck Duck Moose)
* Strawberry Shortcake (Soma Creates)
* Starfall ABCs (Starfall Education)
* Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (THUP Games)
* Letter Tracer Preschool (Niftybrick Software)

Both Girls’ Favorites (ages 3 and 6)

* CookieDoodle (Shoe the Goose)
* TieDyeDoodle (Shoe the Goose) – They LOVE LOVE LOVE this one
* Art Set (LOFOPI)
* CakeDoodle (Shoe the Goose)
* Monkey Math School Sunshine (THUP Games)
* Cupcakes! (Maverick Software LLC)
* AniMatch: Animal Matching (Lima Sky)

Emma’s Favorites (6 years old)

* Math Bingo (
* Math Magic (Anusen Inc)
* Word Magic (Anusen Inc)
* Make Me a Princess (Captive Games)
* Make-Up Girls (Touch Apps)
* iDress (Toy Box)
* Mermaid  Dress Up (Captive Games)
* Fair Food Maker (Sunstorm Interactive)
* Minnie Bow Maker (Disney)

Your turn! Do share!

Have a super weekend everyone!


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3 Less Obvious Reasons for Hair Extensions [Giveaway]

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Most of us can probably think of the obvious reasons why an OC mom would want to consider getting hair extensions. Just the word “hair extensions” conjures up images of celebrities with long, flowing, va va voom type of locks. You know, the type of tresses most of us would love to have, but most of us aren’t blessed with naturally? But when talking to local hair stylist, Tera Rae Stephens, an Orange County hair extensions specialist at Tek Salon in Costa Mesa, she mentioned that many women now days are opting to get hair extensions for other not so obvious reasons.

Ever been curious to try them?  Tera is GIVING away some below ~ make sure to enter!

Here is what Tera shared about why some of her clients are choosing her Hot Heads hair extensions

 “Extensions can be used to add highlights and lowlights without the commitment of a chemical service.

Using extensions in a different color can add dimension, texture and depth without damaging the hair like color could. This is my client Kim. We added some light brown and caramel pieces to change up her color.  It adds a fun “pop!” and took 10 minutes in the salon rather than 2 hours and the cost is only $100.”

“This is my client Nancy.

Nancy isn’t the typical extensions client, she decided to try extensions because her own hair was thinning.  As we age, our hair loses its vitality and can become thinner and less youthful looking.  Extensions can be worn shorter, with the purpose of adding volume.  They are fantastic on her!”

“Another lesser known reason women are choosing hair extensions is for growing back hair after chemo. My client Lesa couldn’t wait to have her hair back so she could feel more herself again after her treatment for breast cancer. She started wearing Hot Heads extensions as soon as her hair was long enough.  She wore them for an entire year as her own hair grew back in.  She is now cancer-free and rocks her own locks!”

Here was her first round of Hot Heads:

And after her second round of hair:

Thanks Tera for sharing!

But for whatever reason you might choose to explore getting hair extensions, if the end result is a more confident YOU, that is reason enough!

For more info:
Watch Tera on Fox 5 San Diego demonstrating how Hot Heads hair extensions work.
Tera on Facebook ~ Tera on Twitter

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Wordless Wednesday: Crystal Cove Memories

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My family was lucky enough to score a Crystal Cove Beach Cottage and spent 3 nights down at the beach last week making great memories. I caught this moment of the girls just taking in the splendor of the view outside of our place. Sometimes I can’t believe we get to live in a place this beautiful.

For more beautiful Wordless Wednesday pictures, head on over to

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