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OC Parks Presents the 2014 Summer Concert Series

OC Parks 2014 Summer Concert Series


Summer is here and it’s that time again! OC Parks 2014 Summer Concert Series begins on June 26th…and the line up looks fabulous!

I love the longer evenings, later kid bedtimes, picnics in the park, and listening to GREAT live music. And the best part about this concert series?  It’s FREE! Including parking.  Score!

There are 10 concerts in all, including fantastic performances at Craig Regional Park, Mason Regional Park, Irvine Regional Park, Mile Square Regional Park, and Bluff Park at Salt Creek Beach.

OC Parks 2014 Summer Concert Bands

– No Doubt tribute band No Duh, performing with Verdell

– U2 replica The Joshua Tree with Mia Koo

– California Country trio Calico with Alice Wallace

– 1980s sensation Flashback Heart Attack with The Devious Means

– Pop world artist Suburban Legends and Papafish

– GOGO13 performs with The Hawkline Monster (Ska)

– Indie rock group Gardens & Villa with Stacy Clark

– Big skatalite tribute band Western Standard Time and Colin Giles

– Backyard acoustic jug sensation Moonsville Collective and Annie McQueen with Summer Watson

– Local indie rock icon Matt Costa and the Wheeland Brothers 

All of the OC Parks 2014 Summer Concerts are part of The World Famous KROQ’s ROQ N’ Surf summer series – each show is from 6 to 8 p.m. and is open to all ages.

Pack a picnic dinner, or munch on goodies served on the food trucks available at each location. Don’t forget your blankets and beach chairs!  I plan to take my family to a couple of shows this summer – what a great outdoor family activity!

Take a peek at these amazing bands and mark your calendar…

OC Parks 2014 Sumer Concert Series Schedule 

Location: 3300 State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92835
Contact: (714) 973-3180,

Date: Thursday, June 26
Artist: No Duh with Verdell

Date: Thursday, July 3
Artist: The Joshua Tree with Mia Koo

Time: All concerts 6 – 8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: Free


Location: 18712 University Drive, Irvine, CA 92612
Contact: (949) 923-2220,

Date: Thursday, July 10
Artist: Calico with Alice Wallace

Date: Thursday, July 17
Artist: Flashback Heart Attack with The Devious Means

Time: All concerts 6 – 8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: Free


Location: 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA, 92869
Contact: (714) 973-6835,

Date: Thursday, July 24
Artist: Suburban Legends with Papafish

Date: Thursday, July 31|
Artist: GOGO13 with The Hawkline Monster

Time: All concerts 6 – 8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: Free


Location: 16801 Euclid St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Contact: (714) 973-6600,

Date: Thursday, August 7
Artist: Gardens & Villa with Stacy Clark

Date: Thursday, August 14
Artist: Western Standard Time with Colin Giles

Time: All concerts 6 – 8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: Free


Location: 33333 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Dana Point, CA 92629
Contact: (949) 923-2280

Date: Thursday, August 21
Artist: Moonsville Collective with Annie McQueen and Summer Watson

Date: Thursday, August 28
Artist: Matt Costa with Wheeland Brothers

Time: All concerts 6 – 8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: Free

Hope to see you there!  Enjoy!

Moms Say the Darndest Things


You know how we always joke that kids say the darndest things? Well, as I was hustling my kiddos out the door for school, I was saying something ridiculous like, “Your brother is not a dog.  Stop asking him to fetch things.  Seriously.”

I realized that we mamas say some pretty funny stuff, too.  Want a giggle?  Let’s talk about how moms say the darndest things…and share yours in the comments below!

My (Christy’s) Favorites

– (While reading Goodnight Moon)…It’s pronounced goodnight “CLOCKS,” with an “L,” honey. (Dear God, please let him get this pronunciation correct when in front of other people…)

– Boogers are not food.  Ever.

– No, mommy is NOT a tissue.

– Did you actually wipe your butt?  Or just pretend to?

– I will give you a lollipop, a piece of candy, a marshmallow…if you both just look AT the camera.  At the SAME time. Come on guys, at least LOOK like you’re having a good time!

– Point your pee-pee DOWN in the potty.  (After having my shoes peed on in a Target bathroom.  Twice.)

– Am I speaking English?  Can you hear me? (Met with blank stares.)

– Wash you hands – (three seconds later) – let me smell your hands.  March yourself back and WASH them.

– Stop riding the dog.  He is NOT a horse. (We have a 16-pound poodle.)

– Oh my gosh, kid. You have to wear underwear UNDER your costumes (Especially at friend’s houses.  Gulp.)

– Don’t drink mommy’s “apple juice!!”

– Mommy needs a timeout.

– Let it go…let it GOOOOOOO!!!!!

Jen’s Favorites

– Don’t lick my arm.

– I am not a trash can.

– Did you brush your teeth? Let me smell your breath. Haaaaaaa. Okay, good job.

– Why are you walking around with your undies around your ankles?

– I know you are playing “Doggy” with your sister but the leash has GOT to go around her waist. (Oh Lord.)

Suzanne’s Favorites

– Finish your cheeseburger if you want your chocolate shake.

– Buddy, it’s not okay to touch boobies because it’s silly.

Susanne’s Favorite

– No I won’t tell you what color your sister’s puke is.

Comment below and share the craziest, silliest or most embarrassing thing you’ve caught yourself saying to your kids – let’s have a laugh, as we enter into the chaos at the end of the school year!

Join the Dana Wharf Kids Club!

Dana Wharf Whale Watching_1


I had the opportunity to take my family whale watching in Dana Point with Dana Wharf Whale Watching…and what a treat!  It was such a fantastic experience, I want to tell you all about it.

First of all, Dana Point Harbor is absolutely gorgeous – if you haven’t had the chance to spend time down there, GO!  It so fun to walk around, see all of the boats, window shop, and eat.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching recommended that we arrive at around 4:30 to check-in…and of course with my two little darlings, we ran in at 4:42…and were greeted with smiles and directions to Dock #1.

We Found Whales!

As we boarded their flagship 95 ft. Dana Pride boat for our 5 p.m. cruise, my kids could hardly contain their excitement.  It was a very warm afternoon, so we couldn’t wait to get out on the water.  Plus, my son is currently obsessed with the ocean, sea life, and boats.  So this was a BIG deal for him.  The captain had his top window open as guests were boarding, so the kids were able to wave “hi.”

Right at 5 p.m., we were on our way.  Since Dana Wharf sits right inside the mouth of the harbor, we reached open waters in just three minutes. We enjoyed the cool breeze and the kids loved “boat” watching as we headed out to find some whales…and whales we found!

Dana Wharf_3

As we headed up the shore toward Laguna, the captain spotted a whale…so we cruised over and found a beautiful mama whale with her calf.  It doesn’t matter how many pictures you look at in a book or on the web – there is nothing like seeing one of these majestic creatures up close and personal.

Whale Watching_1

All Dana Wharf Captains are certified Naturalists by the American Cetacean Society and they are really passionate about the marine mammals.  They share their knowledge and experiences, making the adventure educational and fun!

The boat quietly floated and everyone got their cameras poised.  And we had the opportunity to take pictures and observe.  We even got a little “show” – the baby decided to “wave” with its fin, and the mommy whale bobbed up and down, moving in big, fluid motions.  I was amazed at how close to shore they were!  Of course, my son wanted to go IN the water and play with them (nice try, kiddo!).

We were one of many families on the boat – the cruise is definitely family and kid-friendly.  In fact, we found out about their Dana Wharf Kids Club.

Dana Wharf Kids Club

Kids 14 and under can join the Dana Wharf Kids Club where they are encouraged to experience the many adventures of the ocean in an environment conducive to their age.  The best part?  The annual membership is only $39, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Gray Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization.  And, there’s more than $100 value in trips and merchandise!

Kid members receive:

– 1 FREE 1/2-day sportfishing trip for themselves and an adult

– 1 FREE 2-hour Whale Watching excursion

– Kids Club T-shirt or Hat

– Kids Club Pin

– Official Membership Card

– 25% Discount on all merchandise

– $10 off all Fishing Trips on 1/2 & 3/4 day Fishing Trips*

– $10 off all Whale Watching Excursions*

I also found out that every Sunday from 12:45-5:15pm, they offer free fishing trips for kids! Rental gear is included – wow!  Just make sure to make reservations, as space is limited. One free child per paying adult. A free fishing clinic is held dockside every Sunday from noon – 12:30, too!

Some Fun Facts 

– Dana Wharf Whale Watching is the originator of whale watching in Orange County, starting back in 1971.

– Trips are all 2 hours long – and sightings are guaranteed!  If you do not have a sighting, you will receive a voucher for another tour – FREE.

– Dana Wharf Whale Watch supports the research of Dr. Lei Lani Stelle, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Redlands.  Dr. Stelle and her students are investigating human impacts on marine mammal populations in the Southern California Bight.

They survey our local waters to record sightings of all species, record their locations with GPS, note behaviors, and take photographs to identify individual animals. These observations are then mapped with GIS to examine relationships between oceanography, human activities, and animal habitats.

Birthday Parties

They do birthday parties, too.  Check out the details – so fun!

Celebrate your birthday on a fishing trip! Our package is for the member and up to 9 friends.

Package includes

1/2 day fishing trip

Rental rod and tackle

Kid’s Club t-shirt

$5 food voucher for our on-board snack bar

Special Bonus: One free 1/2 day trip will be awarded to the child who catches the largest fish in the group!

Contact them at:
(949) 496-5794 x 7 to book a birthday (or for more information)

$40.00 per child 
($97 Value)
Adults: $22.00

Whale Watching Details

2-Hour Whale Watching 
Adventure Cruise
 – trips depart daily

Adults – $45

Seniors (55+)$35

Kids (3-12) – $25

Kids 2 and under are FREE!

Remember that Tuesdays are 1/2 price all year long – every trip (fishing and whale watching!).

They also have 4:30 Pre-Sunset Specials – all tickets are just $25!

Check the schedule and buy tickets here

Click here to check out what you can see on your tour.

I hope you have a GREAT experience whale watching – I know I did!  And, I can’t wait to sign my kiddos up for their Dana Wharf Kids Club…

Cool Activities in Warm Weather

  Cool Activities in Warm Weather_1

Oh my goodness, it is getting WARM (dare I say, hot?!)!  Especially in the afternoon when I pick my kiddos up from school.  I thought it would be fun to gather activity ideas to keep kids cool and entertained in Orange County (and you too, moms!) – warm weather, cool activities = happy kids and moms.

Here are five of my personal favorites around town…what are yours?

The Irvine Spectrum Splash Pad and Shaded Playground

Have you checked this out recently?  There’s fairly new shaded playground right outside of Target, Carter’s and Happy Nails at the Irvine Spectrum…and just a hop, skip and a jump away is a fun splash pad.  Grab an iced Starbucks from Target first, then head over and let the kids run around.  Perfect for playtime and cooling off.  Plus, you can nab lunch at a number of fun places or even ride a few rides.

Ruby’s Shake Shack

My kids are obsessed with Ruby’s Shake Shake in Crystal Cove – if you haven’t been, you HAVE to go!  It’s this adorable little “shack” on the side of PCH with all outdoor seating.  You stand in line at an outdoor counter, order your shakes (or burgers or hot dogs), and sit under an umbrella, overlooking the gorgeous ocean. It’s a slice of heaven!  Note:  Parking is very limited, so try to avoid typical lunch hours – the lines to park can get long.

The Car Ferry and Balboa Island

The Balboa Island Car Ferry is such a cool experience – it’s like being a tourist in your own backyard!  The ferry goes between Balboa Island and the Balboa Peninsula – you literally drive onto the ferry, put your car in park, and get out of the car to enjoy the ride and views.  Here’s the directions – check it out! We take the ferry over to the Balboa Fun Zone and make an afternoon out of it. Love it!

The Mission Viejo Library

This is an awesome library with a fabulous kid’s section.  A small play area for the small kiddies (toys, puzzles, learning games and books), coloring tables, and an impressive selection of books for all ages, DVDs, CDs…you name it.  Plus, they have great kid’s programs throughout the year, like Toddler Early Literacy classes – just check their site for specific times and dates.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

I love taking my kids to any place they can be in a safe, enclosed (air conditioned!) kid’s bounce house….and bounce, bounce, bounce their energy out!  Here are some Orange County bouncing options

Jump ‘N Jammin (Mission Viejo) 

Pump it Up (Lake Forest, Irvine)

Scooter’s Jungle (Aliso Viejo) 

Big Air Trampoline Park (Laguna Hills)

Frogg’s Bounce House (Fountain Valley)

Jump Sky High (Costa Mesa)

What do you do to stay cool?  Let’s all share below and get a great list of ideas going…

Want to be an All-Star Cheerleader?

Stealth All Stars


Do you have a child who wants to be an all-star cheerleader? Stealth All-Stars at Team OC, home of national and world champion cheerleading teams, is holding tryouts next week for the 2014-2015 season.

Stealth All-Star’s professional USASF-certified cheer staff is dedicated to giving each cheerleader the ultimate cheer experience.   Their mission is to provide quality instruction to children that will help them excel in sports and in life, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Their beautiful 45,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Costa Mesa features the most comprehensive cheer equipment in the country.

About Stealth All-Stars

Stealth All-Stars made its debut in the season of 2007-2008, offering four competitive teams. As of 2012, they were up to 10 competitive teams, including two Worlds teams, one of which was a 2012 Worlds bronze medalist, and a 2013 Worlds gold medalist.

Their program focuses on providing a positive environment where your kids can grow and achieve their goals.

My favorite part of their philosophy? (especially since I am a mama of a six-year-old little girl) They believe that “drama” belongs in the theater, not on the cheerleading mat.  Love it.

Tryout Details

Join them next week for their official tryouts from May 19 to 22, 2014. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

You can also schedule private tryouts by appointment, if you prefer.

Dress code for tryouts include:

– Athletic T-shirt and shorts/pants with no buttons, zippers or snaps.

– Hair must be in a ponytail.

– Shoes are optional (as they take them off to jump on the trampoline).

– Food and gum are not allowed in the cheer area – only bottled water is permitted.

For more information, or to schedule a private tryout, you can contact their cheer program coordinator, Nora Wiederspahn, at or call (714) 444-1144.

Mark Your Calendar!

Ages 8 and under (4-year-old age minimum)
Monday May 19 & Wednesday May 21
3:30-5 p.m.

Ages 12 and over
Monday May 19 & Wednesday May 21

5-6:30 p.m.

Ages 9 to 11
Tuesday, May 20 & Thursday, May 22
5-6:30 p.m. 

You can download their cheer tryout application here.

Let us know how it goes! Goooooo Team OC Stealth All-Stars!

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