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The 29th California Women’s Conference

California Women's Conference 2014


The 29th California Women’s Conference 2014 is coming to the Long Beach Convention Center on May 19th-20th, 2014 and believe me when I tell you, it is going to be an amazing two days.

This conference is all about inspiring and connecting women, featuring programs, talks and presentations on business, personal development, health and wellness, and philanthropic endeavors.

The event will feature widely respected thought leaders, talented entertainers, networking opportunities, and a marketplace full of ideas, exhibits and panel discussions.

A Note to Moms from the Conference President…

As written by Michelle Patterson, president of The California Women’s Conference and fellow conference speaker Sheri Riley, the creator of Exponential Living

As moms, our top priority is our family.  If you’re anything like many moms today, you often struggle to give your family the time they deserve.

Three challenges many mothers face are:

– When you are with your family, you fight the feeling of getting behind at work…

– When at work, you feel guilty about not spending enough time with your family…

– When you are spending time with your family, you have to focus on making sure you are really
present and not just in their presence.

Whether you are a wife, mother, daughter, stay-at-home mom, or have a professional career, life/work integration is not easy, but there are ways to make it simpler.

There are some key principles that will help you make choices that align with your number one priority: your family.

Exponential Living empowers people to make intentional choices and a daily commitment to pursue internal peace that leads to less stress more clarity and a more fulfilling life.

These are three principles of the nine in Exponential Living, to empower people to stop spending 100% of their time on 10% of who they are:

– Healthy Living is about More Than Diet!

– Happy is a Choice; Contentment and Joy are Lifestyles

– Build Lasting Confidence

So many of us are working everyday to fully integrate our personal dreams, our family commitments, and our career responsibilities.

Committing our time to personal growth is the best example for our children…and that personal and professional development is more than academics.

Empowering women

Does all of this sound familiar?  I know it does to me.

This is just one of the many, many topics that will be covered, discussed, shared and presented.  Check out all of their fabulous speakers, including Arianna Huffington, Jane Pauley, Jack Canfield, Rosie Perez, and Lisa Nichols.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the California Women’s Conference 2014, visit

Yoga and Total Body Wellness at Dantian Studio

Dantain Studio_5 [Sponsor]

Have you ever walked in somewhere…and immediately felt at peace?  This rarely happens to me (probably because I always have two kiddos in tow)…but it did this week, and I have to share.  When I stepped into Dantian Studio, subtle candles were lit, soft instrumental music was playing, it was bright and airy, and I was looking at lovely little inspirational sayings and artwork on the wall.

The craziness of my morning started to fade.  My blood pressure started to lower.

Dantian Studio is a beautiful wellness studio in Costa Mesa that specializes in small group fitness classes, as well as traditional and newly emerging natural therapies, which focus on a client’s complete well-being.  And, here’s the great news – Dantian Studio is offering a FREE fitness class to anyone who mentions this Tiny Oranges blog!

Fitness at Dantian Studio

Jaime Hynes, Dantian Studio’s owner, has created a very tranquil, very intimate studio space.  She wants to make sure that every client receives personal attention.  This means small fitness classes, hand-picked instructors and attention to detail…down to working with you on your correct alignment in class.

I had the opportunity to chat with Jaime about her philosophy on total health and well-being, and it was refreshing to hear how passionate she is about health – for people of all ages.  She’s a mama too, so she’s all too familiar with the typical craziness we moms take on each day.

I found out that “dantian” actually means “energy center.”  And, that’s the focus of this studio:  “The positive energy center. Relax your mind. Strengthen your body. Heal your soul.”

Next up, I took a Yoga Pilates class with Michelle, and let me tell you – every knot and kink in my body was released, my breathing was regulated, and I felt centered (which was good…because after class I had carpools, homework time with my daughter, a scheduled playdate, and a volunteer commitment.)

To begin, Michelle asked me about my fitness background and if I had any questions or concerns before we started class – I found this really helpful, because I do have some past injuries that I baby.

Then, the instruction itself was relaxed and tailored to my needs.  Because they keep the classes so small (no more than 8-10 people per class at a time…and sometimes smaller), you really get that personal attention.  The morning I took class, I had the awesome chance to have a one-on-one with Michelle, so I really enjoyed a class that was tailored to my needs.

The fitness room is light, airy, clean, and comfy.  The floor is cushiony, soft music is playing, and water is available in the room.  I was a little nervous at first…it had been quite awhile since I had done anything that resembled Yoga…but Michelle helped me relax and go at my body’s pace.  At this studio, they cater to all levels.

My little man even got in on the Yoga fun toward the end!

Dantain Studio_3

Dantian Studio also has a Pilates Reformer room…with just four reformer machines.  This is on purpose – those small classes and personal attention is a priority at this studio.

Classes they offer include:

Crosscore 180
Crosscore 180 vs. TRX

Yes, they have childcare

There is childcare available if you need to bring your child with you.  It’s a cute little room with comfy beanbag chairs, a playmat, stuffed animals, coloring book and crayons, and bags of toys.  Great for smaller-aged kids.  When you register online for class, make sure to register for babysitting, too.  They are happy to provide childcare when needed for class.

And, there’s more…

Not only do they offer small fitness classes, but they also provide holistic, healing therapies, body treatments,  aesthetic services, massage therapy, and waxing and eyelash extensions.  Pamper yourself, and check out all of their services!

Dantian Studio’s Promo – Try a FREE Class!

Just mention this blog, and enjoy a free fitness class or Pilates Reformer class…PLUS babysitting!  Visit their class schedule page and look for the class you want.  Register online (for BOTH the fitness class and babysitting request), and when you walk into the studio, just let the front desk know you are a Tiny Oranges reader to get the complimentary class.

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Okay ladies, a very important day is coming up!  Bookmark this page.  Here are some super cute Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special lady in your life – your moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, best friends…and of course, YOU!  Send this list to your husbands and significants others (wink wink!).  What moms really want for Mother’s Day!

Peace, quiet and…maybe even some tranquility 

Preferably without the little darlings. A spa day…or even just a spa treatment…a manicure/pedicure at her favorite local salon…a massage.  A little rest and relaxation goes a looooonnng way, right mamas?!  Check out for ideas of local spas with the services you want, and go for it!  This is a tried and true favorite gift idea for moms everywhere.

Family pictures

Give the gift of keepsake moments – professional family pictures (or maternity pictures, family generation pictures, kid pictures…whatever you think she’d like the best), and give her a “coupon” for a photography session.

That way you have time to coordinate schedules, picture location, outfits, multiple family members…and have time to make an appointment with your favorite photographer or studio.  Every mom I know loves pictures.

A personalized phone case

One of the best gifts I ever received (and get the most compliments on!) is a personalized iPhone case with my kids’ pictures.  Mine is from Shutterfly – love, love, love this!  And, I can tell you that it is pretty durable (i.e. it withstands my kids dropping it).

Annual subscription to her favorite magazine

The gift that keeps on giving – literally.  Bonus – there always seems to be some sort of magazine subscription deals going on – just search for the one you want and see if there’s any discount available.

If she likes wine…

How cute is this idea I heard about- wrap a bottle of her favorite wine in a new, pretty scarf.  Or take her to a local wine tasting bar for a fun night out!

Yummy smelling lotions, bath stuff or perfume

I personally love this Lavander-scented spa gift set from L’Occitane – delicious!

Of course, the beautiful kid-made gifts

Homemade cards, little projects that little hands made, hand-picked flowers, picture gifts with their kids’ sweet faces, handprints and footprints…anything keepsake and made by the kiddies is always treasured and loved!

Pampering at home

How nice does it sound to (wait for it…) SLEEP IN!

I’m talking a nice, quiet, dark room.  Then a favorite coffee or tea delivered bedside, once mama wakes up. Breakfast in bed is great! (Just make sure mama doesn’t walk into the kitchen later and find the BIG breakfast-making mess). Fresh picked flowers are a plus!  Light some candles around the room.  Bring her a good book…or even some fun magazines for her to leisurely leaf through.  Bath salts or new shower gel for a bath.

Sometimes keeping it simple means the most. (Bonus points:  laundry done, house picked up, kids clean/fed/watered/entertained/happy, while mama is being pampered at home – hey, a mommy can dream, right?!).

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas or ways to spend your day?  Any goodies or ideas that you want to share?  Let’s talk about what moms really want for Mother’s Day!  

And, Happy early Mother’s Day to all!

Cute Cookie Cutter Ideas

cute cookie cutter ideas

I love cookie cutters.  And, I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years!  My kids and I have found so many fun things to do with them (besides the traditional cookie making).  Here are my top cute cookie cutter ideas…I hope you have as much fun as we do!

Sandwich Buddies

I started picking different shapes to create sandwiches with…and this has become so popular with my kiddos, this is pretty much the only way I make sandwiches anymore.  They love showing their sandwich shapes to friends during lunch at school. Bonus – I also find that they’ll eat things they normally wouldn’t eat, if it’s in a fun shape!

Cake Topper Shapes

I found this adorable idea on Pinterest from “This Little Light of Mine.”  Place the cookie cutter on top of the cake, then use sprinkles or other candies to make your desired shape on top of your cake.  How cute is this?!

Fruit Shapes 

Cookie cutter shapes + fruit = adorable little ways to get your kids to eat something healthy.  Watermelon is a favorite!

Individual Mini Pizzas

I love to make homemade pizza. Okay, okay…Trader Joe’s pre-made pizza dough that I roll out and top myself!  It makes me feel like I’m cooking.  After you roll out your pizza dough, take your cookie cutters and make little pizza shapes – then add your sauce and cheese and toppings.  Just make sure to adjust cooking time in the oven, as the temperature may need to be adjusted due to smaller pizza sizes.

Marshmallow Shapes

Get those delicious jumbo marshmallows…take your mini cookie cutters, and make adorable little shapes for your hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes, or anything else you put marshmallows in.  YUM!

Play Dough

Cookie cutters and soft Play Doh = a fun activity that will keep little hands busy (for at least a little while).


My 6-year-old loves to draw, so cookie cutters make fun traceables.  Easy peasey!

Bonus – take them outside and trace in sidewalk chalk!

Bird Feeders

I cannot WAIT to try this!  I found this awesome idea on eighteen25 on Pinterest.  You can actually make bird feeders out of cookie cutters.  Check it out on their site – they give step-by-step instructions.  Love, love this – the perfect summer craft.

What are your favorite uses for cookie cutters?  Any fun ideas to share?

Discount Designer Shoes

Discount Designer Shoes Online


Okay ladies, who loves shoes as much as I do…but not necessarily the price tag attached?  That’s what I thought – me too!  That’s why I am thrilled to introduce you to For Savvy Soles, a fabulous company that sells discount designer shoes online.

I had the opportunity to talk to Leeann, owner of For Savvy Soles, all about her business.  And, I am confident that For Savvy Soles will be your new “go to” for discount designer shoes online. Yes, you heard it first here.

And bonus…she’s giving all of us Tiny Oranges’ readers a discount!  When shopping online, simply put in the For Savvy Soles promo code, “TINYORANGES” at checkout, and enjoy an additional 25% off now through 4/30/14.

For Savvy Soles searches high-end boutiques across the country during their “end of season” sales to find the best designer shoe deals. The company does all the work for you to find the best styles, at the best prices.

You can search the For Savvy Soles website by style, designer, or size, then simply click order. Your gorgeous new shoes will be shipped directly to you, and if you are in Orange County, like For Savvy Soles, they typically arrive speedy quick.


Why we love For Savvy Soles

1) You can find amazing discount designer shoes online and no one will know you snagged a discounted deal.

2) The new lovelies are shipped directly to you.

3) You get to avoid taking your kiddos to the department stores or high-end boutiques to try on shoes, while trying to entertain them, and keep them from grabbing every shoe on display.

About Leeann, Owner of For Savvy Shoes

Leeann knows how busy you are because she’s a mama, too!  She knows what it’s like to have small kids – that’s why she makes finding fabulous designer shoes easy.

She takes every detail seriously, down to taking her own pictures of the shoes available.  There are no stock photos on this site!  You will be able to view the actual shoe you will be purchasing.

Her inventory varies, depending on the season, and inventory is brand new and constantly changing, so check the site often.  Occasionally you may find the boxes to be a little “touched,” but that will not affect the quality of your shoe or the authenticity – they may just have been tried on, but never worn.

For Savvy Soles will always note if the box is damaged.

This site is perfect for the mamas who know their designers, know their size in that designer, and are looking for that A-MAZING deal.

I can relate – how many times have you eyed those gorgeous pumps…or even tried them on at a store…but just didn’t want to pay the retail price?

Sample designers on For Savvy Soles:

Dolce Vita
Isaac Mizrahi
Paul Mayer
Tory Burch
Red Valentino
Stuart Weitzman

For Savvy Soles finds those deep discounts for you so that you can get what you want – at the right price.

And, if the shoes don’t fit for whatever reason, simply return them within 10 days.  Another great reason to shop – For Savvy Soles in based in Orange County, so shipping is fast!  Easy peasey.

For Savvy Soles Promo Code

Here’s the fun part – again – you can nab a 25% discount on any order for the next two weeks from now through 4/30/14, just by mentioning this blog!  When placing your order online, simply put in the promo code TINYORANGES.  Now, go find your perfect pair!

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