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This guest blog was sent to me by a first time mommy to a little boy.  I checked out the website and listened to some samples. So cool!   Here is what she writes:

“I’ve started to notice my 10 week old little guy seems easily distracted when I breastfeed in front of the TV or talk on the phone (pardon me!).  He seems very soothed by music – it almost puts him in a trance.  So, I went looking for some lullaby music that’s better than the annoying tunes we’ve been repeating in his infant swing.  I discovered Rockabye Baby on iTunes and it’s amazing!!!  Rockabye Baby puts together lullabye versions of your favorite rock bands.  Everything from The Beatles, Bob Marley, No Doubt and U2.  I purchased the Radiohead (my husband’s favorite band) and U2 albums and put them on our iPod.  I’ve set up the iHome docking station and clock in the nursery which has a sleep timer on it also.  It’s a great little routine we started and I think he really responds to the soothing tunes.  Plus, the experience is great for me too hearing our favorite tunes during our middle of the night feedings!”

Hey mamas,  want to be a guest blogger?  Got something you want to share?  Email me at  Include your mailing address and I will send you a $5 Starbucks card as a thank you!

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Sweet Dreams

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Michele (the mom behind Fun Orange County Parks) got me this amazing Stardust Lullaby CD as a baby gift for Morgan.  After a hectic outing when everyone is exhausted,  I put it on in the car on the way home and exhale…

Here is what Michele writes about these fabulous lullabies:

“This music is a proven sleep aid. My daughter NEVER falls asleep in the car. Unless I’m playing these lullabies. There’s something magical about the classics, something giggly about the silly songs, and its plain relaxing for mom as well as the little ones. Did I mention it’s won 9 National Parenting Awards?

Don’t take my word for it. Check out these reviews! The best part is that Cher Klosner is a mom and a musician. She sang these songs to her son along with his Uncle Gene.

Take a listen. Each song even has an instrumental version for a total of 42 tracks.”

Thanks Michele for this blog AND for the wonderful gift.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Woo hoo!  3 days with the husband home and family time!  Stay cool…

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