Abiding Savior Lutheran School and Preschool Open House

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Abiding Savior Lutheran School and Preschool in Lake Forest is having a special Open House event this month on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 from 1 – 3pm and I wanted to share the details in case anyone happens to be looking for a fabulous private Christian school in South Orange County.

The school has preschool (including extended care), Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grades 1st – 8th.

At the Open House, you will have the opportunity to meet the teachers, see the classrooms, learn about the curriculum and schedules, check out their Junior Kindergarten program, and truly get a feel for the school.

As a bonus, special discounts will be available for new families that enroll that attend the Open House! Inquire for details!

And yes, your children are welcome to attend!


When asked to describe Abiding Savior Lutheran School and Preschool, the most used words listed by the students, faculty and staff were:


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School Zone Start to Read! Program

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For me, watching my five year old start to read has been one of the most fascinating things I have witnessed thus far in parenting. It is truly amazing to see the wheels in her brain turning as she starts to recognize more sight words and master the different sounds.

It has also made me realize just how CRAZY the English language is!  I mean how many exceptions could we possibly have?  Just when she has her “c” sound down, she asks me how to spell “cereal.”  And then when an invitation comes to a “Princess and Knight” party arrives and she wants me to read it with her, I have to explain the “silent K.” Geesh! I digress…moving on…

So when a representative from www.SchoolZone.com, a company known for their educational workbooks, flash cards & software, contacted me to tell me about their Start to Read! program I was interested in learning more because I believe anything we can get our hands on to give her practice is worth checking out!

The Start to Read! Program uses a 3-step approach to reading: listen, read, review. The 6-book set for each level (there are 3) contains five beginning reader books, a read-along and songs CD, a comprehension workbook and a parent guide.

Level 1 books are designed for emergent readers, ages 4-6, and have limited vocabulary – each book introduces between 9 and 50 words. Utilizing short, one-line sentences, the titles in level 1 provide simple picture clues that significantly support the story.

The five titles in the Level 2 collection feature brief stories that introduce controlled vocabulary, simple sentence patterns and rhyming words and are designed for children ages 5-7. Picture clues provide considerable support for the test. Each book presents the reader with 50-70 new words.

Level 3 features stories with the most new words and vocabulary and are aimed at readers ages 6-7. Many of the words can be read by changing the initial sound (rumbled-tumbled) or by rhyming with a known word (before-roar). Children should learn approximately 45-150 new words with each book.

For my daughter, at her stage in learning to read, which is the beginning stage, repetition is key. All of the books we read in the Level 1 series combined a silly story using lots of simple, repeating words.  I have learned that word repetition is great because it builds their confidence and gives them the “I can read!” excitement when working their way through a book.

Her personal favorite story in this series is Jog Frog Jog, which features a jogging frog pounding water in running shoes on the cover, was such a silly story she laughed out loud. Especially to the song on the CD.

I am a believer in making education fun for kids! This is the perfect activity to pull out when little sister is napping and we can read the books together and have a ball while doing it!

Each of the three levels retails for $24.99; the deluxe kit, which includes all three levels, is available for the high-value price of $59.99. The 15 individual storybooks are available separately for $2.99 each. All products are available from www.schoolzone.com.

Completely awesome gift idea as well!

{Disclosure: I received the Level 1 Kit complimentary to facilitate this review but this is not a compensated post and all of my opinions are my honest ones!}

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