Free Seminar for Parents

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Darlynn Morgan, an Orange County personal family lawyer (and fellow mommy) is having two upcoming free seminars to help parents learn how they can make sure their kids are protected.  The first is an in-person seminar and the second is a free call-in teleseminar.  Spots fill up quickly, so best to reserve a space if interested.  Here are the details…

What Every Parent Needs To Know…
9 Easy Steps To Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected No Matter What
by Morgan Law Group

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
Bears, Buddies & Toys
27911 La Paz Rd., Laguna Niguel, CA


Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
8 –  9pm PST Teleseminar

For the in-person workshop in January they have hired childcare so you can bring the kids. They’ll enjoy play time for FREE while you sit and relax and enjoy the presentation. They hold the in-home teleseminar at 8pm so hopefully your kids are in bed and you can call in and listen from your comfy couch!

Either way, Darlynn will take you by the hand and personally share with you how to make sure your kids can be totally protected, if the unthinkable should happen to you.

Go online to to register or call 949-260-1400 today!

{Disclosure: Morgan Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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4 Easy Steps to Naming Guardians for Your Kids

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This is a great post with some really, really great information on one of the most important things we need to do for our kids:  clearly state who we would want to be their guardians, you know, just in case.  Darlynn Morgan is a local OC estate planning attorney (and OC mommy – that’s her with her little tiny orange!) who specializes in helping you get everything you need to in order so your kids are protected.

If you want to learn more, her next free teleseminar (=call in for free from home in your jammies!) will be held on November 17th at 8PM.  Click HERE for more info and to register online.   Here is what she wrote…

4 Easy Steps to Name Guardians for Your Kids If Something Happens To You

By Darlynn Morgan

As an estate planning lawyer, I know one of the most important decisions a parent can make is determining who will care for their kids if something tragic happened to them. I also know it’s very easy for parents to get stuck during this critical decision making process.  Do you choose this person for financial reasons? Religion? A certain parenting philosophy? Do you care if the couple you chose stays married or eventually gets a divorce? Then what?

While it’s great to put a lot of thought into who you would want to raise your kids, indecision and ultimately inaction is a very dangerous place to be, especially with young children at home. It’s important to remember that SOMEONE will determine what happens to your kids….so it might as well be you!  The alternative is a judge who knows nothing about you, your family or what truly is in the best interest of your children.

So to avoid having a judge make life-changing decisions on your child’s behalf if something unexpectedly happens to you, I would like to share four easy steps that will help you finally take action and choose the right guardians for your kids:

1. Sit down and brainstorm all the people who could possibly raise your kids if you were killed or incapacitated in an accident. Don’t limit your choices to family either. Think outside the box and write down everyone who even remotely fits the bill.

2. Determine who you would NEVER want to raise your kids in your absence. You’ll need to tell the court who you DON’T want raising your kids so they can protect your family should that named individual (s) contest your wishes and seek custody of your kids following your death or incapacity. (This can be kept private and only revealed if the need arises).

3. Weigh your values. Make another column and write down what is important to you and/or your spouse.  Do you value education?  Religious or spiritual training? The ability to live in a certain community?  Being raised in a two-parent family?  Whatever your values may be, be honest about them, write them down, prioritize them and eventually rank the top three.

Match your top choices to your top values. This will give you a clear picture of who you can trust to raise your children with the values you hold near and dear to your heart.

And of course, the last (and arguably the most important step) is to legally document your choice of guardians so there’s no question as to who you want to raise your kids if something happens to you!

This part can be tricky, but you can do it with a bit of education and know-how on the subject.  To help make this step easier for you, I’d like to invite you to a FREE teleseminar I’m hosting where I will personally hold your hand and teach you how to name guardians for your minor children.  On this call you will also discover:

·      The 9 simple steps you can take immediately to ensure the safety and care of your children …and why the police could take your minor kids out of your house if you are in an accident and don’t plan the right way.

·      And why these 9 simple steps aren’t something you “do” once and then never look at again…and the rock bottom bare minimum your plan must be reviewed to ensure the safety and security of your kids.

·      You’ll learn how to avoid the expenses and delays of a long, drawn-out court process that would make life difficult for your loved ones if you were in an accident.

·      How to avoid the 6 common mistakes parents make when choosing a Guardian for their minor children.

·      You’ll discover how to make sure your hard-earned money is immediately and privately available to your chosen guardians……and much more!

The information you learn on this call will literally save you thousands of dollars in legal fees (not to mention years of headaches if something happens), so get the details and register at

Remember, an hour invested in learning how to protect your kids could result in a lifetime of security for them if the unthinkable happens.  So I encourage you to join us at on one of the dates and times available to ensure your kids are protected and cared for by the people you want, in a way you want….no matter what!

{Disclosure: Morgan Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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Preserving Your Life Stories

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This guest blog was written by Peter from South County Law Group.  Peter helped us with our estate planning awhile back.  We loved working with him – click here to read about our experience. As part of his estate planning process, he records an interview where parents get to talk about their beliefs, values and how they would like their children raised for the guardians named.   To me, this was priceless and something that can be passed on down to future generations.    Isn’t it cool to think about your great-great-great grandchildren getting to hear an audio recording talking about who you are and what you believe in?  Such a special heirloom.

Here are some of his thoughts on the importance of preserving your life stories:

by Peter Sahin

The following is a summarized version of a story my father shared with me not too long ago….

“A longing for some sleep is the earliest memory I have from childhood…from the age of 6, my day on the farm started at 3AM slogging gallons of milk a couple miles to sell to a vendor before school started…as the youngest of 8, I somehow became the first in our family to make it through elementary school by studying under the light of a single small candle flame after my chores were done well after dark.  I remember getting in trouble once when my sister discovered I had been using her little mirror to reflect extra candlelight onto my papers so I see better!  I left home at 14 and moved to the city with a distant uncle and worked in his suit shop so I could attend high school there.  I barely graduated after being held back two years because one teacher refused to give me a passing grade for reasons I’ll never know.  After graduating, I spent an entire summer in the public library studying for a highway department scholarship to pay my way to America.  One year later, I receive a call that I had won 1 of the 10 engineering scholarships awarded nationally (apparently someone had gotten sick and couldn’t go)…6 months later I was handed a government issued paper suitcase with a one way airline ticket to NYC, 2 black suits, 2 black ties, 2 white shirts and my signed promise to return to work for the highway department after graduation…I was about to be the first person from my village to leave the country!…”

You may be asking yourself why an estate planning attorney is sharing this personal family story.  Hearing and preserving stories like these, of which every family has their own, are what I enjoy the most about what I do.

Traditionally, estate planning has only been focused on passing on assets between generations.  Your family’s monetary wealth should absolutely be preserved and protected.  Heck, you and yours have worked hard for it and it only makes sense to protect it from outsiders so there will be enough protected resources for your loved ones if anything were ever to happen to you.  But to me, your money is only one small part of your overall Family Wealth.

Preserving and passing on stories (or lessons, values, and beliefs) that are personal to your family so they can be heard directly in the storyteller’s voice by your children, grandchildren, and beyond is to me, far more valuable than all the money in the world.  Because I believe so strongly in their value, we conduct  recorded interviews for all our planning clients (on a yearly basis for member clients) so they can preserve their Whole Family Wealth, including who they are and what’s important to them for their children and loved ones.

If you’d like more information about Family Wealth Protection and Preservation for your family, click here for information on  our upcoming free workshops on October 24th or November 7th.  Bring the kids!  Registration is required. Click HERE to register online.

To your wealth, health, and happiness!

Follow Peter and his firm South County Law Group: LinkedIn * Twitter * Facebook

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Is a Will Enough?

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Expert Advice from the Morgan Law Group:   

“It’s incredible to believe, but 74% of parents don’t have a Will and even those who do still risk their children being taken from their home, at least temporarily, if they are injured or die.  Think about it.  If your children are at home with a babysitter or at school and you are in an accident and can’t communicate, the police have no choice but to call in child protective services until they can figure out what to do.  That can mean temporary foster care.

When lawyer (and mom-to-be) Darlynn Morgan, discovered that kids would be taken into the foster care system if their parents were injured or died even though they had a Will, she realized that traditional “estate planning” does not adequately protect our young children.

According to Morgan, a Personal Family Lawyer, “Parents spend time agonizing over who they will leave their kids with when they go to work or when they go out on a Friday night, and yet the majority don’t even have a Will; even those who do still risk their kids ending up at the mercy of the foster care system if they are injured or die.”

Attorney Darlynn Morgan offers Orange County parents a free workshop that teaches parents “9 Little-Known Steps You MUST Take To Protect Your Minor Children In Today’s Crazy World” so that every parent can have the peace of mind of knowing their children would never be at the mercy of our broken State Court system. 

These informative and entertaining workshops will be held at The Little Gym in Tustin this Saturday, October 17th from 4:15- 5:30 and at Bears Buddies & Toys, in Laguna Hills Tuesday October 20th from 10:30a.m. until 11:30  a.m.

Not only is the workshop FREE for all families, but Darlynn has arranged for a limited amount of on-site professional childcare available at the event, so register early.  Registration is required due to limited space; register by calling Ms. Morgan’s office at 949.260.1400 or online at

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