Project Girls’ Rooms Makeover: Before Pics

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As you know from my previous mattress post, with two new Serta mattresses on the way for the girls, I had to rethink our girls’ bedroom situations.

Our house was built in the 50’s, so the bedrooms are small. I think people must have been smaller back then. In our 7 years living here, we never figured out proper storage in their rooms. Nothing really had a designated place, which resulted in a lot of clutter, and they never felt functional to me.

With these new mattresses on the way, I was forced to look at their rooms from a brand new point of view for the girls’ next stage of life.

Emma, at 6 years old and in 1st grade, has matured into more of a big girl grade schooler, and had definitely outgrown her toddler-ish room.

Morgan, at 3 years old, was ready to move out of her baby room and crib into her first big girl room.

But trying to figure out what I should do in their rooms design-wise made my brain hurt.

With our limited space, I was having such a hard time visualizing what made the most sense.  Should I move their rooms, keep them? My husband and I would stand in the doorway of the bedrooms (the girls’ rooms and our guest room) and just stare at them trying to figure out what to do, and we were stumped.

We needed help.

Through my blogging years, I have become friends with Shanna from My Favorite Everything. She is so darling and talented and has a background in interior design and the most fabulous style. I had heard she was starting to take on some design clients this year, get this, —> specializing in children’s bedrooms and family living spaces. Just what we needed!

So I sent out a design S.O.S to Shanna, which turned into an assessment meeting fueled by lattes with idea flying around on how we could create new bedrooms for our girls. Ones that would be more functional and appropriate for this stage of their life.

It’s pretty amazing what a fresh pair of eyes and new perspective can do.

She had ideas I would NEVER have considered in a million years, and after talking it out, and looking at our bedrooms, she had a clear vision of what we should do and the direction we should go.

And it was going to be a project of musical bedrooms with three rooms to re-do: 

Emma was moving to the guest room, the guest room was moving to Morgan’s room, and Morgan was moving to Emma’s room.

Shanna was on the job!  I thank God for her because the thought of re-doing three bedrooms at once felt as daunting as a move.  With small children, I can’t imagine doing this on my own, as I seriously have NO extra time between my family and the blog.

With my blessing, Shanna asked me if was OK to post some before pictures from our project on her blog. Here they are (don’t judge.) I can’t believe how cluttered things got over time. The rooms really felt like a mish-mash of stuff. I never really decorated the rooms like I wanted to with either girl, because when I was doing the rooms both times around, I was moody, tired and pregnant! Not advisable.

You will not BELIEVE what Shanna did to transform our three rooms.

They are something out of a dream.  And she incorporated so many brilliant ideas on to make our kids’ rooms more functional ~ she is a space management / storage genius! Now everything has a PLACE and my house has never been more organized or clean.  Not only did she change our rooms, she changed our way of life.

She was like a little design fairy that sprinkled her magic design dust all over our little rooms. And she made them spectacular.

We are going to reveal them one by one. Stay tuned. I am so excited to share I can barely stand it!!

In the meantime, click HERE to visit her post and see some befores on what she was working with…

Happy Friday gals! See you back on Monday!

[Disclosure: We received our Serta mattresses free to faciliate review as a result of my participation in the 2012 blogger program.]

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Who Made That Bow?

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I have Shanna at My Favorite Everything to thank for this find – Who Made That Bow? on Etsy.

Not only are they the best barrettes for little girls I have found, but they are SUCH a good deal – $1 each!

You can get 10 in whatever combination of the color of the rainbow (and she has a great color selection), and get 10 for $10  +  shipping.

I have been SUPER happy with how they stay in and how they lay nice and flat against my daughter’s head to keep her growing out bangs out of her eyes.

One of my favorite finds as a mom of girls! From one girl mom to another, thank you Shanna!

Click HERE to visit Who Made That Bow on Etsy.

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Gettin Her Groove Back!

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I wanted to do a post on this new series Shanna is doing over at My Favorite Everything called “Getting Mama’s Groove Back”  because as moms, battling the post baby weight is probably something EVERYONE can relate to.   And if you just dropped the baby weight and were into your old jeans walking out of the hospital, please keep it to yourself (kidding, but not really…!)

What I love about this series is she is HONEST about her struggle.  She even started it by showing before pictures.  When I read her first post I was SO proud of her, because mamas, I am sure we can all agree on just how much tremendous courage that would take.    I don’t care what kind of shape you are in, most of us would not want to be photographed and shown from the rear on a blog!   I was just so inspired by how she was so willing to put herself out there.

And she is doing so great! She is working out with Erica from Core Athletica (LOVE Erica – click here to read more about my results training with her), tried a Ritual Cleanse (totally brave) and is finding little opportunities where she can while being a mommy of 3 girls under 3 (yes you read that correctly) to find times in her day where she can be active with them.

Just check out her 6 week progress!  That takes a lot of hard work!

If any one of you reading is looking for a little mommy-to-mommy inspiration in achieving your weight loss goals, you will definitely want to subscribe to this series under “Me Time” at My Favorite Everything.

Shanna and her entire family will be walking with us on May 1st to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research.  Just yet another way she is helping to achieve her goal (for a great cause along the way!)   If you want to join us and kick start your fitness goals, click here!  Nothing like an upcoming race to get you motivated!

Go Shanna Go!  We are rooting for you!  Happy weekend everyone!

Since we are on the topic of weight loss, I wanted to share a deal TODAY on Plum District.  It’s for $30 of UNLIMITED Baby Boot Camp Classes for four weeks (normally $89.) Four different locations to choose from: Irvine, Tustin, Dana Point and San Clemente.

Click HERE to buy it.  But you have to be quick as the deal only runs for a day.  At $30 you don’t have much to lose…except WEIGHT!

{Disclosure: Baby Boot Camp Irvine & Tustin is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor and Tiny Oranges is a Plum District Affiliate}

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